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Why You Should Send Your Elderly Parent with Growing Medical Needs to a Nursing Home

The decision to move a parent, spouse, or family member to a nursing home can be emotional. Coping with the fear that the disruption in routine will negatively affect your loved one caused by the transfer of responsibility is not easy. Before you decide, it is worth carefully weighing appropriate nursing home benefits against the type of disadvantages you might want to avoid. A sign that your beloved may need assisted living is not caring for themselves or performing personal hygiene routines.

Since you assumed the role of caring for your loved one, giving up that role and moving them into a nursing home can leave you with a sense of guilt. However, while the feeling is entirely understandable, you have no reason to feel that way at all. If you are grappling with the idea of sending them to a nursing home, the following reasons will make your decision easier.

1.They require professional care

Most people decide that their parents need to go to a nursing home when professional care is required to ensure their parents can live comfortably. The reasoning is entirely valid because it allows them to get the chance for professional care round-the-clock. Nursing homes such as can provide an already established community through which your parent can participate while hosting activities meant to engage the elderly. However, in-home care also provides an alternative that enables your parent to get the professional care they need. In-home care comes in handy if your parent refuses to go to a nursing home and wants to stay in their own house. Please make a choice when you can take care of them during some hours or when your parent is partially self-sufficient. Ensure that you research and consider if in-house care is potentially more comfortable before deciding to move them into a nursing home.

2.You are constantly drained

Providing care to an aging parent on your own will most likely leave you mentally unwell and constantly feeling drained. It is emotionally grueling and physically demanding to care for some you love, especially if they cannot do it for themselves. Your mood will rub off onto your sickly parent and distress them further if you are unhappy or unwell. Also, you may not help them when you are both physically and mentally exhausted since you cannot focus all your energy on them. At this point, although making a nursing home placement may make you feel guilty, it is the best decision you can make for them and yourself. However, not taking care of your parents by yourself does not mean that you have to place them in a nursing home immediately. Home-based options can simplify your life and allow you to get that much-needed rest you deserve. Your parents will feel less lonely since they will have the ability to accept visitors at any time and will be provided with companionship. 

3.You don’t stay nearby

Even though you are willing to stay at home and help your aging loved one, this may not be possible for extended periods due to prevailing factors. Certain obligations such as your job may get in the way, and it is unfair to put your career on hold or quit your job altogether. A nursing home is your best bet since you are assured that your parents are getting the care they need at all times. You are allowed to go on with your regular life because you and your livelihood are also important. Also, you are allowed to visit your loved ones and spend time with them, or you can see them remotely via Skype.

4.You have no other alternatives

Although home-based care is a more comfortable and superior alternative compared to a nursing home, sometimes it might not be enough. When doing your research on an ideal nursing home, investigate the credentials of the professional staff that works in the facility under your consideration. Ensure that the community reviews of the institution are positive. Also, make sure to schedule a visit to the nursing home to ascertain that the complex is well maintained and the residents are happy to be there. 

When a nursing home feels like the last resort, it sometimes is genuinely the correct choice. The adjustment may be difficult, but you will discover that your loved one has more independence in a nursing home than they would in their own home. Nursing homes are designed to cater to the evolving needs of the elderly and allow them to move more freely than at home. A wide array of activities enables them to reconnect with their favorite past-times or even learn something new.

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