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Working together as a family to keep the house clean

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Last summer I knew something had to change. Although we’d given our kids plenty of chores as toddlers and preschoolers, we hadn’t really scaled those chores as they’d gotten older, and Sean and I were basically doing everything ourselves. We spent the summer teaching the girls various skills and assigning “jobs” until we were all working together to keep the house clean rather than running around behind the kids all the time just to keep the house straight.

I recently posted our master chores list on Instagram and Facebook and asked for input on other chores that kids do. Based on the feedback I got, I added a few more things to our list (like cleaning under the couch and cleaning out the car), and then I took that list and turned it into an Excel spreadsheet that I can use to track when things are done rather than trying to manage the proper rotation by memory.

Using that spreadsheet, I assign the girls chores each morning based on their age, what they’ve learned, and what needs to be done. While we’re not really cleaning the house top to bottom in a single day anymore, it is staying much cleaner across the board.  This way everyone is working together to keep the house clean.

That means Sean and I have the freedom to oversee and focus on our chores (mine includes the adults + babies’ laundry, and Sean’s includes the floors, which no one is very good at, even when they’re trying their best) rather than trying to do everything.

It took time and effort to teach everyone new chores and to figure out a rotation that works, but it’s been so worth that investment!  Now everyone is working together.


As part of this decision, I also renewed my commitment to safe, natural cleaners. I’ll be honest—this has less to do with wanting to protect the environment and more to do with wanting to protect my kids. I want them to clean with products that are safe to breathe in, safe to get on their skin, etc. so that I’m not worried about them and tempted to reclaim the job for myself.

We’ve been using ePantry for more than a year now, and I love that I can get things like Mrs. Meyers cleaning products delivered right to our door. The multipurpose spray, dishwashing soap, and foaming hand soap are all staples around here! And the Grove Collaborative products—like the hand towels and walnut scrubbers—are among my favorites as well.

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Our 9-year-old, who’s currently on bathroom duty, is especially excited to have a caddy for carrying the tools of her trade!

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Kids & Chores {and a FREE Mrs. Meyers cleaning kit from ePantry!}


How do you handle kids’ chores? A set rotation, daily assignments, something in between?