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Your Family’s Health Is Highly Important- Here’s How to Safeguard It

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The modern world has introduced many new and wonderful inventions to facilitate everyday living. Some of these, however, have not been so beneficial. New technologies, chemicals, and environmental factors are putting everyone’s health at risk. The good news is that one can adopt lifestyle changes to safeguard their health and well-being in a natural manner. Here is how to safeguard your family’s health.

Go Organic

Organic foods are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. They contain higher amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than conventional produce and do not have any harmful residues or contaminants from farm machinery runoff. 

The best way to safeguard your family’s health is to buy organic food items instead of non-organic ones. There are many ways to get organic food items at reasonable prices. One of the best ways is to buy them from reputable online stores. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that delivers organic food products at the most affordable prices. Buying from an online store means taking care of your family’s nutritional needs from the comfort of your home. 

Purchase a Water Filter/Purifier

Tap water contains many harmful contaminants like chlorine or heavy metals. You can purchase an under sink reverse osmosis system for purifying tap water as well as removing other toxic elements from it. 

Alternatively, you could also invest in an affordable countertop filter unit that will remove common pollutants such as chlorine taste & odor and particulate matter from municipal water sources. Another alternative is to use a water purifier such as the Puro or Clear2o, which is a countertop filter that uses UV light to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites, in addition to eliminating foul tastes.

It’s also recommended that you get a backup supply of water and store it at home. There are many portable containers available online for storing water on hand. 

Invest In A Carbon Filter Air Purifier

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There are many varieties of air purifiers available online, but you have to determine the type of pollutants you need to be removed. The most common contaminants that affect indoor air quality include formaldehyde, fine particulate matter, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If your goal is to remove airborne chemicals and VOCs, then a HEPA filter or a dehumidifying device would be beneficial for removing these types of pollutants. 

A carbon-based filter would also work well in reducing odors, cigarette smoke, pollens, and sometimes radon. There are many other factors, such as humidity levels, temperature, and ventilation rates, that can play an important role in determining which type of air purifier will serve you best. It’s best to do some research online or with an independent air quality expert before spending money on a purifier.

Keep Your Family Away From Smart Meters

If you live in a region where smart meters are being installed, then you should start looking into alternative methods of electricity usage at your home if possible. A smart meter emits electromagnetic fields which have been linked to cancer and other serious health issues such as sleep disturbance, heart palpitations, and dizziness, among other symptoms. If at all possible, install an analog electrical meter instead of a smart one so that you could avoid being exposed to harmful EMFs from the grid.

Don’t Use Wireless Toys Or Equipment

EMF exposure is something that you should do your best to minimize in order to reduce cancer risk and also avoid sleep disturbance. Keep your family away from using wireless toys or equipment like cell phones, microwaves, etc., if possible, as they emit potentially harmful electromagnetic fields which can be shielded by using wired instead of wireless devices. If at all possible, try to use a wired internet connection (ethernet cable) for your computer rather than Wi-Fi whenever possible since Wi-Fi emits very high levels of radiation compared with an Ethernet cord plugged into the back of your modem/router. Also, unplug any chargers or other electrical items that are not being used when not in use.

Your family’s health is important, and you can safeguard it with a few simple changes. Going organic will reduce your exposure to pesticides that may be harmful to your health. Investing in water filtration equipment or a carbon filter air purifier will remove toxins from the air around you and ensure that what goes into your body doesn’t harm your brain cells. Consider going wireless-free by avoiding wireless toys or equipment like laptops or tablets for children under six years old; they emit radiation which has been linked to cancer risks later on down the line. You’ll also want to avoid microwaving food in plastic containers as this causes toxic chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A).

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