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10 Things to Know Before Proposing in Melbourne

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The proposal in Melbourne should be memorable, romantic, and something you will always remember. If you’re planning on proposing to your partner, you should know how she or he would react and if they would accept your marriage proposal. 

When it comes to engagement rings Melbourne, there are plenty of rules, guidelines, and superstitions that you can consider before popping the question to your future spouse. Follow these things to know before proposing in Melbourne, and we guarantee that your partner will say yes!

Consider Your Proposal Location

If you’ve decided on where and when you’re going to propose, then congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step in the proposal process. But if you’re still undecided about either of those elements, it’s worth thinking them through. 

Once you’ve determined what location (or locations) and day of the week are best for your proposal, make sure your date is not too far into the future so that it doesn’t interfere with wedding plans.

Know the Best Time of the Day

One of the more important decisions you’ll make as you plan your proposal is determining the best time of day for your surprise. Proposals traditionally happen at sunset, but there are so many factors involved that it’s really up to you. 

For example, if you have family coming in from out of town, waiting until sunset could work out well. You might also want to ask your partner what he or she would prefer and then research sunrise or moonset times around those days.

Avoid Months with Major Holidays

Although most people would love to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or an anniversary, knowing when not to propose will give you peace of mind. Some other major holidays that fall during the year are Christmas and New Year’s Day. Consider these when scheduling your proposal, as these are traditionally celebratory occasions where people won’t want their attention taken away from friends and family.

Consider the Weather

You may have picked the perfect location for your proposal and are just unsure when you should propose. All weather patterns will vary, but you’ll need to keep up with some of the details, like what day and time it will be raining or if any holidays are coming up.

Time it Right

The weather might be the most important thing to consider when choosing a time for your proposal. Get an idea of the average temperatures during this time of year so you can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that Australia is one of the warmest countries on earth, and there’s always a chance it’ll get hotter than expected – even if it’s not summer yet! Remember these factors when picking out the perfect engagement ring, and continue reading.

Plan What You’re Going to Say

Hey there, are you planning on popping the question anytime soon? If so, then congratulations and good luck! Have you planned what you are going to say when you ask her to marry you?

Getting engaged is always exciting, but knowing what comes next is important. 

Since weddings can be expensive, it’s important to plan for expenses such as your guest list size, food, drink choices, and how much you’re budgeting for an engagement ring (remember, she deserves the best!).

Buy an Engagement Ring 

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a daunting task. Finding one she’ll love can be an undertaking, but don’t fret. There are plenty of options for you to consider as you go about this process. The key is deciding which factors are most important for you and go from there.

Remember Who You’re Doing This For

If you’re thinking about popping the question but don’t know where or how to begin, this guide is for you. You may think that all proposals should be grandiose and expensive, but keep in mind who you’re doing this for. If they’re the type of person who likes a surprise proposal while they wait tables at their favorite restaurant, don’t book tickets to Paris.

One of the most common places couples get engaged is at sunset on a high vantage point overlooking their city. It’s romantic and atmospheric – not just a pretty skyline, but also memories made with each other and your favorite person. Choose somewhere meaningful to you both, somewhere that feels like your home when you look out from it.

Get Permission From your Significant Other’s Parents If Necessary

Firstly, you will need permission from your Significant Other’s parents. This is important as it might create some level of conflict if they don’t approve or there is a disagreement about the proposal. You may find that parents have different standards for proposals too. So this would be a good opportunity to get everyone on the same page about how much you are willing to spend and how long you can expect the proposal process to take.

If someone disapproves of your proposal idea and has no problem voicing their opinion, try not to get hung up on one person’s opinion and approach your significant other’s parents together when making requests.

The Big Day!

After years of planning, you’ve finally come up with the perfect proposal and date for your long-time partner. Congratulations! You’re ready to commit. Now what? There are a few important details that you should plan and make sure everything is just right for this very special moment.


Proposing is a nerve-wracking experience. You have planned out this surprise, rehearsed your perfect speech, and what if she says no? Asking someone else’s opinion is crucial, especially if you are unsure of your partner’s thoughts on marriage. It is also good to consider any big arguments or decisions you need help with, like the job or school you want to pursue together or where you want to live. At the end of the day, it is her decision, and ultimately it should be her choice because she will live with the consequences!

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