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4 Foods that Help Your Digestion

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Whether you are on or off the clock or even asleep, your body is working to keep itself healthy. Your digestive system does not have an off switch, so it deserves to be taken care of. What if I told you that you could help your digestive system do what it does best by regularly eating a few easy-to-find foods that will help your digestion?

This article will briefly go over foods that help improve your digestion and then list other common foods to avoid.


Yogurt is an extremely common food that you can find at virtually any store with a cooler section. An important part about buying yogurt to improve your digestion is to look for brands that carry active probiotic yogurt. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that clean your digestive tract. Start combating constipation and bloating with delicious probiotic yogurt and enjoy healthy food that tastes good!

If you don’t enjoy yogurt plain, try making a parfait or even homemade yogurt-based guacamole. Try making frozen yogurt.


Apple tree
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Keeping a clean digestive tract is a sure-fire way to maintain a healthy system. Apples contain a fiber called pectin which acts as a colon cleaning agent. This helps stool pass easier and prevents several digestive issues and diseases.

Apples can be dull to eat plain, so you can pair them with other fruits in a fruit salad or add them to a quiche dish.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are another food that is rich in fiber, like apples. The kind of fiber contained in chia seeds promotes the growth of natural probiotics in your digestive tract. This tiny but burly superfood packs in a hefty amount of other nutrients that will work to keep your whole body healthy.

A popular way to consume chia seeds is to add them to pudding or jam. Just make sure you don’t undo the healthy aspect of chia seeds by covering them in sugar!


By adding kefir grains to milk or water, you can get yourself a drink that washes down easy and provides you with plenty of digestion-boosting material. Kefir promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and additionally helps to keep out the bad ones. Drinking kefir water would go wonderfully alongside chia seeds as the undigested fiber from the seeds can absorb a lot of water.

Kefir milk can substitute regular milk in recipes that require it. There are also several smoothies or lemonade recipes that make eating kefir fun!

Foods to Avoid

Now that we have established the healthy bits let’s talk about what not to eat while promoting digestive health.

  • Soda or carbonated beverages.
  • Most greasy fast food items.
  • Alcohol.
  • Acidic or spicy foods.
  • Fried food in large quantities.

Eating these kinds of foods can lead to infections, constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, and gas.

Changing your diet is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone either. Grab a friend and start cooking up some new dishes that delight your digestive system today!

Featured Image by RitaE from Pixabay