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5 Life Hacks That Will Make Moving Apartment Easy

Moving to a new apartment is a big deal, and as such many people approach it with dread and uncertainty. They fear that they will make a big mistake along the way, leaving something behind or ruining something in the process. It can seem like a lot could go wrong.

However, as long as you have an understanding of what moving entails and some tips for how to go about it, moving apartment can be easy. In fact, you might even enjoy it.

To help you on your way, here are five life hacks for moving apartments.

Schedule every stage of the move

One of the reasons moving apartment is stressful is that remembering everything you need to do feels impossible. There is just so much to take into account. You also have to get it all done within a particular time frame.

This is why you should create a schedule in preparation for moving out. This apartment moving out checklist gives a detailed description of creating such a schedule. You start by planning the initial stages, two months before you are set to move out.

By starting early with a set schedule, the job no longer seems overwhelming. It may even seem like a breeze by the time you’ve laid out your plans.

Declutter (and donate what you don’t need)

Many people are concerned about getting everything from one apartment to another because of how many things they have. It can feel like no matter how well you pack. There will always be a pile of stuff with no clear category that may not fit in your new apartment. This can also make a significant difference when you request a moving quote.

Decluttering long before packing your apartment up eliminates much of this stress. Go through your current apartment, putting aside everything that you don’t strictly need. Once this is done, go through what you’ve gathered with a critical eye. You don’t need it if you’re hanging onto something because it might come in handy one day but has never yet been used.

What makes this process more satisfying is donating what you don’t need at the end. Rather than throwing out stuff that you’ve hung onto for better or worse, you’re helping out people who need it (or can sell it to make a couple of bucks).

Pay a few visits to your new apartment

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When you searched for your new apartment, chances are you saw it twice at most. The first time, you put it on your shortlist. The second time, you settled on it and made arrangements to start renting. However, you went back to your old apartment to start the moving process.

This makes moving all the more difficult because you don’t know the dimensions and feel of the new place. However, seeing the apartment a few more times before moving in makes the process easier and more exciting. Most people will be happy to let you come for an occasional visit before they move out, as long as you don’t take too much time.

Also, remember that they may be experiencing some sadness about leaving their apartment, so try to keep your emotions in check and be sensitive towards them.

Take measurements

While you’re making one of these visits, take measurements of the new place. Even if you’re moving into a bigger apartment, your furniture and other possessions may not fit like you expect them to. Knowing in advance if and where certain items will fit is extremely helpful, as trying to figure it out on moving day will create more stress than necessary.

Some items may not fit in your new apartment, in which case you should consider donating or selling them and looking for alternatives.

Make plans for your pets and plants

Both pets and plants need to adapt to a new apartment (albeit in very different ways). They can be obstacles to a seamless move, especially pets who may continually get in the way. You should make plans in advance for how you will deal with this aspect of the move. What can you do to prepare them?

It may be worthwhile to find a pet sitter for moving day and somewhere to temporarily keep your plants. Living beings are less predictable than any other aspect of moving and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Moving apartment does not need to be stressful. You can turn the move into a seamless and even enjoyable process with these hacks.

Featured Image by Nhành Mai Mới from Pixabay