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source: Becky

5 Quick & Simple Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

The following post is from Becky of Organizing Made Fun: 5 Quick & Simple Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

source: Becky

Clutter is a seven-letter word in our home. It’s one of the things I work hard to eliminate. Here are five quick and simple tips for a few things that I’ve done to help keep my clutter from taking over.

1. I have a strict “one in one out” rule.

If I buy something, especially clothing or shoes, I have to give away something of the same thing. It’s not always easy, but I’ve become less and less attached to my clothing and things. My kids have learned this with stuffed animals {oh, how I can not stand those} and sometimes will even refuse to take a stuffed animal or trinket or toy because they know they will have to give one of theirs up.

2.  Sort the mail over the trash can.

One of my simple tips is as soon as I get the mail, I stand over the recycling bin and throw as much of it away as I can – including envelopes and extra unimportant papers inside the bills. I pay all my bills online and have many of them emailed to me, but those that come in the mail get tossed. Sometimes I may save the envelopes for use elsewhere, but not always. Coupons go right into my coupon file box in my entry. Magazines get set where they are supposed to go. As much as I can get rid of, I get rid of. My husband probably only sees 25% of the mail that comes in, and often he doesn’t even care to look at most of that.

3. I walk into each room once every day or two.

I just pick up things that don’t belong in that room and put them away where they belong. I’m shocked every time I walk around the house, really looking at places that I just glance over or ignore. I either pretend company is coming {which I have people over a LOT, so that’s easy} or I just use a timer and try and get as much picked up and put away in a set amount of time, usually 15 minutes or less. It doesn’t take that long if you keep it up and make it a habit.

4. I have taught my kids to put things away when they are done with them.

I don’t organize my kid’s rooms. I do it WITH them. I started them young and can now hand them an area to conquer on their own to go through and organize with a few reminders. I hand them the label maker to label their things the way they would like them. If they want, I can make “fun” labels together with them on my big machine, but the point is that they do it with me. I don’t do it for them. They wouldn’t learn anything that way. Now that they are older {8 and 13}, they are beginning to keep the clutter out on their own.

5. I try not to buy anything I don’t genuinely need.

I really try to keep a list of things that are needed or on my “want to get list,” but I know that if I don’t really need it, I really shouldn’t buy it.  I often see tempting things to buy but have to ask myself whether it’s a necessity or not.

These are just a few simple tips on how I’ve kept the clutter down in our home. I’m not perfect. We have clutter. I don’t like it, but it still happens. It’s just that I’ve tried to make these habits to help rid it from our home quickly. Also, if you would like some more organizing inspiration, I’m doing a month-long series on my blog called “31 Days of Organizing Fun,” where I show you how fun it is to organize with unordinary items.

What other ways have you tried to keep your home clutter-free?

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Becky blogs at Organizing Made Fun. She has been married to her college sweetheart for  18 years and is a mother to two children. Becky organizes just about everything and she enjoys motivating other women to learn to organize, schedule, and run their home imperfectly but efficiently.