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5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Important for Your Brand

Instagram has quickly become one of the most significant social media platforms for businesses. It is a powerful marketing tool that over eight million businesses have already signed up for an Instagram account. In that context, while 48.8% of U.S. companies are already utilizing social media platforms to promote their products, 33.3% of them are active on Instagram and are coming up with Instagram marketing strategies to more successfully present and sell their products or services with the help of this social media platform. 

So, if you’re a marketer in today’s extremely competitive business world, you’ll understand why growing an Instagram audience should be a top goal for any company, big or small. But, whatever stage your business is at, you still have a lot of work ahead of you as you grow your brand and gain Instagram followers on the ever-changing and evolving platform. Here are five Instagram reasons to help you understand the importance of marketing on Instagram.

Improved Engagement

The capacity to engage with clients is the power of any marketing platform nowadays. Even though you could start a high-cost marketing campaign anytime, without high levels of engagement, you can bet you won’t accomplish your business goals, and the return on investment won’t be good enough.

According to research by Forrester, Instagram is the king of social interaction, as this social networking platform has a 58-times higher engagement rate per follower than Facebook and a 150-times higher engagement rate than Twitter. So, if you want a higher return on investment from your marketing effort, it’s time to discover how to gain real Instagram followers that will connect and interact with your content and your brand. You can also scrape Instagram followers for their email addresses and do multichannel marketing by throwing email in the mix.  

Increasing Brand Exposure

With over one billion photos shared every day and over a billion Instagram users, your brand will benefit from this kind of exposure. Marketing is all about exposure, and if your brand isn’t getting noticed by the right people, you’re probably not doing enough.

Nonetheless, you can quickly improve the number of brand mentions and make more people notice your brand by producing helpful and creative content on Instagram. By using Instagram to promote their brands and surpass the impact of older established corporations, many smaller brands have disrupted the pecking order in their fields.

Opportunity To Market Your Content Visually

With social media platforms such as Instagram, you’re blessed with choices regarding marketing and advertising tactics. Visual content is one of the most successful mediums, and if your brand is solely focused on words, you’re missing out big time. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and for that reason, Instagram has become such a powerful visual marketing tool. 

By making it easy for your target audience to share your content, you can quickly place your brand ahead of the pack. Most internet traffic is made up of videos and photos, and Instagram gives you a popular platform to share your visual content with the world.

Search Engine Optimization

Any marketing campaign must include search engine optimization. Your business simply won’t exist for a larger audience if you don’t rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs), and your target demographic will be unable to discover you.

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No one outside of Google truly understands social media’s impact on SEO. Still, there’s enough data to suggest it does, so you shouldn’t neglect this perspective if you’re serious about search engine result pages for your business and website.

Simplified Marketing

Gaining new followers can be difficult. However, if you try hard enough, you can surely succeed. For that reason, everyone on your team should contribute to creating the content, whether it’s photos or videos, Instagram Stories, Live videos, or the newest feature – Instagram Reels.

Customers want to see genuine content because they are already bombarded with commercials on other social media platforms and TV. As a result, you will come off as more real and get more interaction if you tell your story on Instagram in a way that brings value to your followers’ lives, especially if it’s something they can relate to. You want your followers to share your content, which they will be more likely to do if it adds value without being overly promotional and coming off as artificial.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of benefits to Instagram marketing, and if you take advantage of the various tools available on the site, your chances of success will be greatly enhanced. Now more than ever, social media platforms like Instagram are helping to shape the way we communicate and learn. Instagram has become a cornerstone of social media marketing, and no one can deny its importance today. Learning how to use Instagram to market your business is important for branding yourself or your brand in the social media landscape.

Featured Image by Maria Raquel from Pixabay