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6 Branded Desk Items Each of Your Employees Should Have

Everyone’s desk in the office looks and feels a little different. Some drawers are full of every type of stationery you can imagine, whereas others are bare, empty, and only include the very essentials. So, now is the time to provide your employees with the all-important desk items everyone needs. 

Your employees deserve a good morale boost now that they’re back in the office too. A small novelty gift may well be the answer to keeping spirits raised and productivity at a high. So let’s take a look at the branded desk items you can customize and give to each and every one of your team members. 

A handy notepad to write in

A notepad comes in handy, whatever industry you work in. We’re constantly learning on the job, so a notepad to jot down any new information is a desk essential for every teacher desks. The branded notepads from Captain Notepad are exactly what you need if you’re looking to provide your employees with custom writing material. 

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, and best of all, you can customize them to include your brand logo, slogan, or message. Now make note of that! 

A set of pens to write with

You’ll need a set of pens for your new branded notepad. Pair the two up for the ultimate gift idea. A desk with just a single pen is a sad desk, a disaster to happen! So make sure each of your employees has a set of different pens for them to be ready and armed with. 

You never know when you’ll need to jot something down – and no one likes the colleague who repeatedly pinches everyone else’s pens because they never have their own.

A personal mug to drink from

Making the round of afternoon coffees for the office is never an enjoyable task, especially when there are not enough mugs to make up the large order. Avoid this by providing everyone with their own personal mug! Whatever their choice of beverage, the mug should be large, sturdy, and branded with your company logo that wraps all the way around. 

A hand fan to cool down with

A hot and sticky office is an unhappy and unproductive office. Even if you have the best air con system in the world, there’s always that one spot in the office that’s unbearably sweltering. So treat your employees to a branded hand fan each and make sure no one’s overheating during the hot summer months. 

A coloring notebook to de-stress with

Coloring notebook
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A therapeutic coloring notebook is a new desk essential to the modern world. Endless studies show that coloring isn’t just for kids – it can actually significantly lower your stress levels and help promote mindful thinking even on the most taxing days in the office. Best of all, you can now get branded coloring notebooks that act as a 2-in-1 coloring pad and handy notebook for quick jottings down.

A tote bag to go home with

A branded tote bag is a great option for when a pen and pad don’t seem exciting enough. Your employees deserve the best after all, right? Of course, there are many uses for the humble tote bag too. You can bring in your packed lunch. You can pack your lunchtime gym clothes or even carry around your laptop. 

Featured Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst