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6 Common Air-conditioner Problems and How to Quickly Fix Them

With the increase in global warming, summers have been unbearable. The temperature has been increasing, and owning an air conditioner has become essential in your daily life. There are many different issues that you can face with your air conditioner, and that is why it needs maintenance and regular check-ups. However, if the damage is already done, you must find a way to fix the issue. Some problems may be simple and easy for you to fix by yourself, and others might need professional help. Here are a few of the common air-conditioner problems and ways to fix them if they ever happened to yours. 

1. Your Air-conditioner has a Loud Sound

You should hear enough sound to make you aware that your air conditioner is working, but it should not be loud. There are many noises that your ac might make, and each has its own reason behind it. If your ac is producing a banging noise, then it has to be a loose or broken piece inside. If there is a buzzing sound, then it might be because of a leakage in the refrigerant, your ac having a dirty filter, or defective fan blades. There is also a sharp whistle sound that can be produced from the ac; this issue is mainly caused by a refrigerant leak. There are a few things that can help with a noisy ac such as checking for any stuck waste in the unit. You will start by unscrewing any screws, checking for dust, stones, or any branches, and removing them if you find any. If the filter is dirty, remove it from the unit and clean it using water, and put it back in when it is dry. 

2. Blowing Hot Air Instead of Cold 

One of the most common problems people might face is that suddenly their air conditioner starts blowing hot air. This is totally opposite to what it is supposed to do. You must ensure that the thermostat settings were not unintentionally changed by anyone. If they are set at the correct temperature, then you must check if your air filter is congested. In most cases, old and congested filters are what result in the ac blowing hot air, and that can be easily fixed by changing the filter to a new one. The air conditioner could also be low on refrigerant. You can test this by yourself without reaching out to a professional. 

3. Dirty Filter

Having a dirty filter is a common cause of many air conditioner problems. It limits airflow, reduces efficiency, and decreases the capability of the air conditioner to cool the air. You must regularly check and clean the filters in order to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner. 

4. The AC not Functioning 

Your air conditioner may suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. There are a few things you can check to figure out what caused it to shut down completely. Start by checking the thermostat batteries. People tend to forget about them. If they are dead, change them, and then set the thermostat to the temperature you want. You might need to set the circuit breaker again if replacing the thermostat batteries did not work. 

5. Leakage in the Unit 

Units are supposed to include a specific amount of fluids, but uncontrolled leaking is a sign of many issues with a variety of solutions. The condensate line can be blocked. However, you can easily get it unclogged by yourself as an easy fix using the manufacturer’s instructions. If you can not find the instructions that come with your ac or there are broken pieces inside the unit beside the blocked pipes, it is best to call a professional. 

6. Poor Spreading of Cold Air

Some people may find parts of their place colder than others. This is not something you need to worry about; it can be easily fixed. Having even air distribution depends on many factors. These factors include the room size, the position of the air vent, and the temperature outside. One of the important things you need to consider is the horsepower of the ac in comparison to the size of the room. 

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There is no home that does not include an air cooling system, with the strong heat waves that hit every summer. It is essential to manage and properly maintain this system to avoid any of the mentioned problems. Having regular check-ups will help you reduce these problems for sure. It is also important to install a good quality cooling system in the first place.

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