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6 Easy-To-Grow Plants for a Gardening Beginner

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Gardening is a popular hobby that allows you to add some plant life into your home or yard and, in many cases, grow your own food or add some beauty and color to your space. Gardening helps relieve stress. Not all common gardening plants are beginner friendly. 

These six are great beginning options if you are a gardening beginner and wondering which plants to start with. 


If you are a garlic lover, using Grow Organic garlic seeds to kick off your garden might be perfect for you. You will want to make sure you space out seeds and use fertilized soil to start your garlic plants. 

After the seeds start to sprout, you will begin seeing green shoots. These shoots will eventually flower, and you should cut off any flower sprouts to increase garlic bulb growth. Once you see long spring onion sprouts, you can begin harvesting. You will be left with delicious green onion sprouts and garlic bulbs. 


Sunflowers are beautiful plants that are relatively easy to grow. These flowers are resilient and do not require much mulch or fertilizer. Sunflowers can survive droughts and occasionally overwatering, but they struggle if the soil gets overly soaked. 

For a sunflower to truly bloom, you will need to make sure it is planted outdoors somewhere it can get direct sunlight. Sunflowers can grow very large and tall, so be careful not to plant them too close to other plants as they may cause damaging shade from the sun. 

Once they bloom, you can admire the beautiful yellow blooms and even harvest the seeds to eat as a snack.  


Tomato plants are known to be great for when you want to start a garden. The best way to start growing tomatoes is to plant your seeds indoors first or get a starter plant from your local gardening store. Tomato seeds should be planted in small containers and moved into larger pots or plots of ground as they grow. 

There are many different tomato varieties, and each has its own seeds and plants. Try a few of your favorites and get growing so you can enjoy fresh tomatoes all season.  


Many herbs are so easy to grow they can even be done in apartments. Try growing herbs to add fresh mint or basil to your meals. Herbs need a moderate amount of sunlight, but once they grow, they can be known to take over your garden with how easy they are to keep alive. 


Marigold flowers
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Marigolds are a beautiful plant that grows with little effort. You simply need to cover the seeds with a small layer of soil and keep the ground moist. The seeds will bloom beautiful and vibrant flowers that will add some color to your garden.  


Zucchini and other summer squash are very beginner-friendly plants. It is well-known for having an enormous harvest. A single zucchini plant can give you enough squash to cook with for the entire season. 

Plant the seeds a few inches deep, water regularly, and you can begin harvesting within weeks.

Invite the Bids

Birds do a great job keeping your garden pest free. Create a birdbath for them from clay flower pots.

Parting shot 

Starting a garden and cultivating your green thumb starts with choosing the right plants. If you want to create a garden, get out your gardening tools and try these six easy options. 

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