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6 Ways How Drawing and Painting Can Reduce Stress

These days being stressed and being anxious have become so normal that people don’t even stop to take care of themselves properly. It’s very easy to forget about our own well-being and mental health.  We all know how stressful everyday lives can be. Getting wrapped up in the daily grind can very easily make us feel trapped and unhappy. This is where the biggest stress reliever comes in – art.  Art can significantly reduce stress.

Art therapy has been a great way to relieve stress and any anxiety you might have built up. You have the space to express your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 

So, without wasting any more of your time, we’ve come up with six facts explaining how painting and drawing can reduce anxiety and stress. 

What Are The Benefits of Art Therapy

Before we get started on how drawing and painting help reduce stress, let’s find out more about the benefits of art therapy. You don’t necessarily have to be a natural Van Gogh, just learn to have fun with it! 

Several studies show that just a 45-minute creativity session can reduce stress, and it doesn’t matter what experiences you have. A paint by the numbers kit is a great way to get started. Here are a few ways creating art can help you to relax. 

Focus On Something Else 

To create something, you must first clear your head, which means whatever is bothering you enough to stress you out. Even a few minutes of distraction can help you relax a little by focusing on what you’re creating. 

It doesn’t help to constantly worry about something you can’t solve right away. Many people, use their moods and thoughts to create art. 

It connects with the way they are feeling at the moment. That focus itself enables you to clear your head and take a fresh stab at tackling the problem you were facing earlier. 

In a way, art helps you take your mind off things and get you into a space where you can calmly process your thoughts. 

Find Your State of Flow

Ever been in a situation where you’re so focused on an activity that it feels like you’re in a meditative state? If so, then what you may have experienced is referred to as flow. 

Very similar to meditation, the flow not only lowers your stress levels but also helps to improve your performance. Whether you’re practicing an instrument, gardening, writing, painting, or playing a sport, you can experience the flow.  

The next time you’re doing a creative activity, you can find yourself getting into the flow and creating something absolutely wonderful! 

Self Care Is Important 

We cannot stress enough how vital it is for us human beings to take some time off for self-care. Take a break, dedicate yourself to a hobby, and give yourself some time to unwind. 

With art, it doesn’t just have to be painting or drawing. For all you know, you could already be reducing your stress levels by just playing the guitar. The most important benefit of art therapy is that you’ll always end up with an interesting result. 

6 Ways How Art Reduces Stress

Now that you know how art can benefit you, let’s find out how painting and drawing can reduce your stress. 

1. Connecting With Your Inner Child

Connecting to your inner child
Image by Prashant Sharma from Pixabay

You first need to consider that you don’t have to have talent when you’re painting. Connecting with your inner child means whatever you draw or paint doesn’t have to look perfect. 

Those random doodles you do on the margins of your notebook or even the drawings you did as a child are unique in their own ways because you did them without thinking if they looked beautiful. 

Don’t think about the aesthetic; just paint whatever you feel like. Worrying about the outcome reduces your chance of having fun too. Express yourself however you want or maybe explore your creativity by joining painting workshops to help you develop your artistic skills to pursue your creative passion.

2. Have a Clearer Mind 

As we’ve mentioned before, art helps you to have a clearer mind. Your daily life might be causing you stress and anxiety you’re not even aware of. 

Engaging yourself in painting or drawing can help you take off your mind from matters disturbing you. You’ll be surprised to find yourself thinking and feeling completely different from when you started being all anxious and jittery.

Being an adult is tough work, but it doesn’t mean you have to let it get to you. Try to paint or draw from time to time to clear your head and look at things in a refreshed and different way. 

3. A Calm Mind and Improved Focus

Being totally focused and getting into the flow of your painting or drawing is equal to meditation. The concentration shuts off any unwanted thoughts, and you are completely absorbed into what you’re drawing. 

This state is enough to reduce any stress levels you might be facing. Not only that, but you’ll also be improving your focus as well. You’ll also notice how you’re not getting distracted so easily by your surroundings. 

Giving something such as painting or drawing your full attention will improve your focus and help you make decisions with a calm and clear head. 

If you feel like your head is too full and you need to distract yourself, pick up a pen or pencil and just doodle away. You’ll find yourself calming down faster than you’ve anticipated, and you’ll also be feeling ten times better automatically.

4. Play With Colors to Reduce Anxiety

Play with colors
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It’s no secret that colors can help to improve even the worst of moods. So, imagine what playing with colors will do to your anxiety. These days you can find adult coloring books as well. 

These adult coloring books have been marvelous at tackling stress and anxiety. These books have intricate geometric shapes, mandalas, and other beautiful designs, so when you’re coloring them, it helps create a relaxed mindset. 

If you’re not interested in coloring books or geometric shapes, then you can give the painting on canvases a try too. Use your fingers or brushes, immerse yourself completely into it, and don’t worry about the end result. 

The only thing that matters at the end of your session is that you’re relaxed and calm. 

5. Power of Self-Expression 

If you’re someone who has trouble expressing yourself and that in turn is causing you to have anxiety, you can give painting and draw a try. Art has always been a great way to express ourselves

Artists have been doing it for decades. We don’t always feel like talking or writing down how we’re feeling, and using art to express oneself could really help out. 

So, don’t hesitate to pour yourself into it when you’re creating art. This is great for those who have trouble communicating properly. They can express their thoughts, emotions, and stories through their painting or drawing. Consider trying something like a wolf drawing to tap into your creativity and emotions.

6. A Possible Hobby? 

A Possible Hobby
Image by bridgesward from Pixabay

Having a hobby in the middle of a super busy life might sound like a luxury, but it’s just as important that you get some space for yourself. 

Work and family life will always be there. You need to find some time to create the thing you love for yourself. After all, it’s a healthy and great way to tackle your anxiety and stress levels. 

All you have to do is just make sure you set aside some time apart for yourself. You can choose to express how you’re feeling through your art. Besides, having art as a hobby is super beneficial, as we have mentioned above. Try a paint-by-numbers kit to get a taste of painting.

Final Thoughts 

Being able to be creative means you’re doing something unique. You think out of the box. You find new ways to express your thoughts and also get to meditate at the same time. 

Not only that, being creative means you can make something for your loved ones. This will have more impact than normal conventional gifts like a painting by Numbers Canvas Kits. You’ll feel happy, in control, and calm by involving yourself in art. 

So, as you can see, art benefits us in many ways and is a great reminder that we should take some time and focus on ourselves. 

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