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8 Reasons Your Parents Living Alone Is Not A Good Idea

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The current circumstance of your life could restrict you to live with your parents, whether it is because of your career or your work commitments. But do you really think it is wise to leave your parents all alone? We don’t think so. Here’s why.

1.    They will end up losing or gaining weight drastically

Nutrition plays such an important role in one’s life, and its importance only increases as one ages. Plus, as people age, there are more chances than not that they are on some form of medication. Stats suggest that those aged 65 to 69 take an average of 15 prescriptions per year, while those from 80 to 84 take an average of 18, according to the American Association of Consultant Pharmacists.

With so many prescription drugs comes a lot of restrictions on diet and food choices. There are so many things that you must avoid eating and so many foods that you must consume regularly. Can your aging parents manage it all alone?

2.    They will ignore their personal hygiene

You don’t want your parents to live in the same pair of pajamas for weeks, right? But as people grow older, maintaining even basic hygiene can be taxing for obvious reasons. They need someone to look after their needs, including hygiene.

3.    They may get lost even in familiar settings

Whether it is your nearby grocery store, or the bank, or even in the hospital, places where your parents need to visit regularly, you can witness them getting lost. These are some of the few things that come with age, and you can’t do anything about it.

4.    They will clutter the house

If your parents have always been a bit messy, then it’s fine, but if you notice some weird changes, like milk cans in the closet or clothes in their refrigerator, then these are good reasons why your parents now need someone. Further, it is also important to keep the surroundings clean, which they are incapable of doing alone.

5.    They will not make the best use of the internet

We all know how revolutionary the internet has been, but at the same time, it is not the safest place one can be. With making virtual friends, making payments online, shopping online, and using social media online, one needs to always have their guard up. But you cannot expect that from your parents.

6.    They are always exhausted

Sleep is a luxury as one grows old, and one eventually starts to sleep less and less with time. This is what leads to exhaustion throughout the day. Many of the reasons we mentioned in the list are directly related to one performing tasks because they are exhausted.

7.    They won’t manage their medicines properly

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Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Unfortunately, medicines play such a huge role in old age. But this calls for medication management which is no joke. It basically means consuming the right pills at the right time, without failure. As important as it is to take medicines, it is all the more important to take them on time.

8.    They will end up hurting themselves

This stands for both hurting and bruising themselves from nooks and corners of the house and being emotionally hurt. They might hate to accept the fact that they aren’t good alone, which will lead them to be defensive all the while.

Over to you…

Taking care of your parents is the most important thing. Everything else is secondary. But to take care of them, you need to be with them. Ask yourself, are you in that place in your life that you can be with them round-the-clock?

Now, most people answer this question with a no, so that is why aged care facilities have been sprouting up. They are great facilities that take proper care of your aging parents and ensure that all their needs and demands are gratified. For people who need assistance but at the same time want to enjoy independence, you should not feel guilty about considering aged-care facilities.  

Featured Photo by Reid Naaykens on Unsplash