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AI in Social media: 6 Ways of How AI Can Monetize Big Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a subject of dry discussions and theories but a fully applicable technology that is developing rapidly and has affected almost all industries. Since social media are now full-fledged platforms for e-commerce, marketing, customer service, and more, they make it possible to collect and interpret huge amounts of data. Along with it, they are becoming too difficult to deal with and require special tools.

When it comes to processing big data, it is clear that AI consulting companies help businesses to achieve impressive results. This happens thanks to a synergistic relationship between AI and big data. AI requires massive amounts of information to learn and improve decision-making processes, and big data analytics leverages AI for better data analysis. That’s why many enterprises invest in big data solution tools to monitor customers’ experience in social media in real-time, automate work and focus on more important tasks.

There are plenty of ways in which AI-driven big data analysis is conducive for social networks and, respectively, for the business. Let’s consider six ways of how AI can monetize the big data of your business in social media.

 1. Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

One of the major benefits of AI on social media is that it enables businesses to analyze and control every action made. From monitoring advertisement performance to tracking user interactions and gaining useful content data, this is a technological advance that all companies value.

A small note: AI may have imperfections as well. People enter the data it leverages. Thus in case, there is bias in the given information, it will affect the final result.

 2. Instant Content Posting

Content creation is tedious and time-consuming, but the use of AI can speed up this process. Its ability to adapt to natural language generation turns data into simpler, more readable text. Many AI-powered tools like the ones InData Labs develops can learn the style and register of brands, which will help you track the level of user engagement with your posts. This data will give you insight into what type of content best suits your needs and help you better understand consumer behavior.

 3. Content Personalization

Thanks to machine learning, AI excels at optimizing social media content. The key component that makes AI so valuable is its ability to look at individual customer data and develop personalized recommendations that users want or need.

The process goes like this – after getting access to data on customer behavior, AI-powered technologies learn user preferences and behaviors and then apply this knowledge to fine-tune content recommendations. In addition, by creating a scalable cloud-based architecture, companies can keep up with increasing amounts of diagnostic data – meaningless data lost and more time to focus on improving user experience through personalization.

 4. Big Data Analytics and Prediction

Artificial intelligence enables companies to make accurate predictions based on large data sets as they increase the accuracy of predictions over time using machine learning and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence helps to structure, rank, and select exactly the data needed at the current moment to solve a specific problem and predict its outcome. In this way, the implementation of AI allows companies to forecast numerous aspects, including daily demand, upcoming trends, customer lifetime value, and churn rates.

 5. Clearer Knowledge of Your Customers

Image recognition software is the latest source of information for social media users. How does this help the company get a detailed picture of their customers’ behavior?

Users can use the software to search for social network images of your company or products, giving you the statistics of the scale of your product’s popularity. Armed with this knowledge, you can discover new ways to promote your products and seek innovation before your competitors in the market catch up.

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 6. Influencer Marketing

AI-based influencer marketing is a new means for companies to enhance their marketing campaigns on social media. First, with AI, brands can choose the best-suited influencers and the best content for each influencer campaign. To achieve it, digital marketing tools can scan an influencer’s followers and provide impressive analytics on demographics. After the contract is concluded, AI, with the help of NLP, can predict how well an influencer will meet a brand’s objectives for any campaign.

 The Takeaway

Social media generates vast volumes of data that becomes less possible to analyze with the required speed and quality. Such retardation will no doubt affect a company’s overall productivity and income. Thus, AI implementation is worth considering as it can significantly boost revenues while reducing the costs of social media strategy, creation, and management.

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