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An Overview of Hiring Painting Professionals in Sydney, Australia

While undoubtedly beautiful, Sydney is arguably the most populated city in Australia, currently housing over six million people. As the number of residents rises, the demand for housing increases, with an increasing number of people investing in the upkeep of their private properties.

Invariably, when it comes to the demand for professional painters Sydney is among the leading Australian cities, with its residents perpetually employing specialists to paint their homes and commercial spaces. They cover everything from residential and commercial interiors and exteriors to decks and fences.

New homeowners in the city or those needing affordable professional paint jobs will find the following information helpful.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Painter

The Australian paint and coating industry is booming, with revenue estimates crossing millions of dollars by 2023, proving how integral it is to everyday life in the country. With around six hundred and fifty suburbs sprawled across various regions housing hundreds of thousands of homes, Sydney undoubtedly witnesses one of the most significant demands for paint jobs by residential and commercial building owners.

But before Sydney residents can hire a professional for the job, they must consider certain pivotal things for a seamless experience. They are as follows:

  • Expertise and Credibility – When you choose a local painter, it is necessary to find someone with at least some experience doing various painting jobs across residential and commercial complexes. This way, it is easy for you to gauge their proficiency and skill, being assured of quality service for your money. Moreover, it is wise to do some research to check on past projects of the paint specialist that may include schools, homes, offices, and other city spaces. This will help you understand how reliable and credible the services are.
  • Insurance – The law mandates that Sydney professionals carry public liability insurance besides their essential licenses. So, secure yourself and your family by checking for this insurance beforehand, confirming that the professional adheres to safety regulations.
  • Paint Color – Residents can decide which colors they want the specialist to use on their home interiors and exteriors. But it is wiser to consult the professional and gauge their opinion, as they are experts at determining which color suits the best. They consider the design of the home or room, furnishings, floor color, coverings, etc., to deduce the most suitable shade correctly.
  • Proper Finish – Painters can help residents choose between paint finishes, depending on the area and living conditions. For instance, Sydney homes with young kids should ideally opt for a matte finish that is easy to wipe clean. This type of finish is also suitable for residents living in dirt-prone, high-traffic areas in the city.
  • Preparation in Advance and Extra Services – If there is flaky paint in any area of your home or office structure, you need to inform the professional beforehand. It will help them prepare for the situation better and ensure there are no glitches along the way. Also, you may want to ask your paint specialist about any additional services they offer, such as fixing chipped paint, redoing entire rooms, etc.

Average Cost 

One can assess the exact cost of a paint job in Sydney only after determining critical factors such as the building size, the number of rooms to be done, the quantity of paint used, the experience of the professional, etc. All these are taken into careful consideration before one can come up with the total cost of the job.

However, the average cost of painting a three-bedroom house in Australia ranges from $2,500 to $35,000, depending on the above factors. Additionally, the professional will consider the design and style of the house and whether you wish the interior and exterior both to be painted.

Sydney professionals typically charge around $55 per hour, with a single-bedroom home costing approximately $2,500. An entire two-story structure can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $35,000. 

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Where to Find a Reliable Professional 

When city folks look for reliable painters, Sydney offers a wide selection of choices. However, instead of physically finding out their whereabouts, residents have the super-convenient option of browsing online directories that list these professionals by name, experience, cost estimates, address, and other crucial information.

It is ideal to rely on directories that provide as many details of the local professionals as possible, ensuring that customers hire trustworthy specialists for the job. Moreover, I prefer Australian registries that list services other than just painters, such as electricians, handymen, cleaners, plumbers, gardeners, etc. This will help you find local professionals who provide essential and specialized services at affordable costs within your neighborhood or locale.

So, ensure to hire Sydney paint professionals with good experience in painting all kinds of buildings, thus ensuring you will be delighted with the outcome.

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