You are currently viewing 101 Days of Christmas: DIY Christmas Wreaths {Roundup}

101 Days of Christmas: DIY Christmas Wreaths {Roundup}

As part of this year’s 101 Days of Christmas series, I’m sharing a roundup with more ideas from around the blogosphere each Sunday, such as these DIY Christmas Wreaths!

These hanging pinecones that my mom made for her front door a couple of years ago are one of my favorite projects ever (and based on the number of pins that that post has gotten, it’s a popular one with a lot of people!). Although it’s not exactly a wreath, it’s such a simple way to add a festive touch to your door. I think that’s why I like wreaths so much — they’re the first thing visitors see, and they’re a beautiful way to mark the holidays!

Because the internet is full of people who are infinitely more creative than I am, here are 10 more amazing DIY wreath ideas:

Paper Straw Wreath

Paper Straw Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Winter Citrus Wreath

Winter Citrus Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Square Boxwood Wreath

Square Boxwood Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Simple Fabric Wreath

Simple Fabric Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Felted Ball Wreath

Felted Ball Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Simple Boxwood Wreath

Simple Boxwood Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Pine Cone & Book Page Wreath

Pinecone & Book Page Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Tinsel Wreath

Tinsel Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Starburst Twig Wreath

Starburst Twig Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Slice Wreath {DIY Wreath Roundup at}

Check out Spin Art Holiday Wreath

Make a felt Snowman.

What type of wreath is your favorite?

Join us as we celebrate 101 Days of Christmas with new DIY projects, gift ideas, traditions, and more every day from now through Christmas!