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source: my blessed life

Felt Snowman {Winter DIY Decor}

The following post is from Myra of My Blessed Life: Felt Snowman {Winter DIY Decor}

Today, I’m sharing a cute little felt snowman DIY decor craft. This craft is so incredibly versatile – it could be a package ornament, a series of snowmen could be hung together or they can just be placed around your home to decorate for the rest of the Winter. Making felt snowmen is easy and quite inexpensive too!

source: my blessed life

Felt Snowman Decor

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 felt sheet each color {white, red, green, orange}
  • blue and black embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • 2 black buttons
  • 2 white buttons
  • pen
  • needle
  • batting
  • tacky glue
  • snowman template – I used one I found through a Google image search, but you can make your own too!
source: my blessed life

Step 1:Trace the snowman outline onto the white felt. I folded the felt in half and then traced the image, so I only had to cut it once.

source: my blessed life

Step 2: Cut the snowman shapes out.

source: my blessed life

Step 3: Cut out two red stars. Just eyeball it because it looks more whimsical that way! Place a white button on each star and sew it in place with blue embroidery thread.

source: my blessed life

Step 4: Cut out an orange triangle for the carrot nose, and a strip of green felt for the scarf.

Step 5: Sew the black buttons on one snowman shape with blue thread. Then stitch the mouth with black thread.

source: my blessed life

Step 6: Place the two snowman shapes together, making sure the pen outline is facing in so it will be hidden. Begin stitching {in blue} near the bottom of the snowman and go all the way around leaving an opening to stuff the batting in.

source: my blessed life

Step 7: Stuff batting in, but don’t fill too full. Just give the snowman a bit of a puff. Then finish stitching him closed.

source: my blessed lifeStep 8: Use tacky glue {or hot glue} to attach the nose and scarf.

source: my blessed life

Step 9: Also, glue down the adorable stars! And you’re done!

source: my blessed life

Didn’t he turn out so cute?! I think felt snowmen of any size would be really adorable. You could switch up the colors of the scarf and stars as well as the embroidery thread. I plan on making a few more to decorate my home for the Winter!

Have you made DIY Decor with felt before? Are you game to try? Try our felt stars.

Myra has a B.A. in Interior Design and is currently self-employed. When she’s not spending time with her little man, thrifting, creating, shopping, or working on a project, Myra enjoys date nights with her husband and blogging at My Blessed Life.