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Five Tips to Reduce Stress

We all know it. This has been a stressful time for many people in the world. Since the pandemic began, there has been an increased level of stress. Now that vaccinations are becoming more widely available and everyone has to return to work and life, the feelings of anxiety and stress remain. Luckily, there are solutions. We don’t have to live our lives supremely stressed out and anxious. If you’ve been struggling with these feelings, below are five tips to help you reduce stress.


One of the best ways to cut down on stress and other bad feelings is to exercise. The harder you exercise, the less you will be worried, stressed, anxious, and depressed. Vigorous exercise does wonders for your mental health. If you are tired at the end of a workout, your mind will be clear, and you will feel content. This can be a hard sell for many people. People don’t like to work out these days, but once you get started and make working out a habit that is a part of your routine, you won’t stop because you will feel so much better.


Other great tips to reduce stress are yoga and meditation. You can combine these practices into one or choose between them. Meditation is the practice of centering your mind and bringing you back to the present moment. You are basically teaching yourself to stop worrying about the ancillary things in your life and focus on what’s in front of you. When you are meditating, everything else fades away because you are in a current place of peace. Yoga is very similar. Think of it as combining exercise and meditation. While it isn’t necessarily a rigorous exercise, yoga is good for both your body and mind. It is a great way to turn down the levels of your stress and anxiety.


While CBD has been stigmatized because it comes from the cannabis plant, it should no longer be viewed this way. CBD is a chemical that has all kinds of medicinal and holistic properties. Products like CBD edibles can greatly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression without the high of smoking marijuana. Not only will you feel better, but your mind will also be clear, and you will be able to go on with your day. Do you struggle with acute stress, generalized anxiety, or depression? Try a CBD product. It just might help.


Sometimes when you’re stressed, it can feel good to work or get something done. This may make you feel good at the moment, but we all need to give ourselves a break once in a while. Self-care is completely necessary when it comes to stress. This can mean staying home and doing nothing, engaging in a hobby you love, reading a book, doing something creative, hanging out with friends. Whatever self-care means to you should be implemented when you are feeling overly stressed. Give yourself a break. You will thank yourself for it in the end. Get plenty of quality sleep.

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Cut Down on Drinking

You might drink to keep the stress at bay, but what happens when you sober up is increased anxiety and stress. If you want to feel more even keel and improve your stress overall, you should cut back on the sauce or stop drinking entirely. You don’t have to commit to stopping forever, but if you try avoiding alcohol for a while, you will see a change in how you feel because you won’t be stressed out the next morning when you’ve slept in and don’t feel great.

It is a stressful world and a stressful time. There’s no reason not to work on your stress. If you feel anxious and worried about your life and the world around you, it’s pivotal to deal with and contain your stress. Work out, meditate, take CBD, cut down on drinking, and take care of yourself. These actions will help you stave off your stress and reduce your overall levels. While you’re at it, cut yourself some slack. Give yourself time and take on stress with clarity. Try and follow some of our tips above to reduce stress. Times are tough, but you can get through your anxiety and stress to find a clear-headed, happier perspective. You deserve it. 

Featured Image by Pedro Figueras from Pixabay