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How to Clean Up After a Fun-Filled Pool Party: A Complete Guide

A pool party is a perfect way to have fun with your friends and family, especially during the summer. Hosting your own pool party is fun until you are left with cleaning up all the mess in the pool and surrounding it. However, that’s never a good reason to hold off on the fun because there are easy and effective ways to clean up the pool, which you can explore in this article.

Maintenance is a big responsibility for pool owners as it can truly be enjoyed only when it’s well taken care of. And this article will serve as your pool maintenance guide, which you can follow to keep your pool clean regularly. 

The State of The Pool After The Party

After the guests have said their goodbyes, it’s now up to you to clean up the mess made during the party. It goes without saying that when a large crowd jumps into your swimming pool, several pollutants and bacteria are left behind, which can deteriorate the state of your swimming pool drastically. For example, algae and cloudy water are just a few problems you might face if the pool is left without any maintenance.

Hence, taking action quickly will save you a lot of costs in the long run, especially if the damage may grow over time to the point where you need to call in professional pool maintenance services to fix up the mess. If you are interested in learning the ropes of cleaning your swimming pool by yourself, then you should consider for detailed information and more tips and tricks.

1. Start By Shocking The Pool

It’s obvious that many people used your pool during the party. After all, it’s not a pool party if people don’t enjoy the cool blue waters, right? Unfortunately for you, the more people use the pool, the dirtier it gets. Hence, the first maintenance measure you should take is to shock your pool.

The chlorine levels in your pool are probably worn out to a low level after the party and may become ineffective. Therefore, shocking the water will raise the chlorine levels back to the standard, returning the clean and clear state of the water to your pool.

That being said, shocks should only be used after removing the big debris from the pool and when the pool will be left idle, without anybody diving in for the next few hours or so.

2. Skimming & Filtering Out The Debris

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One thing you might wish to do before shocking your pool is clean up all the larger contaminants, such as dead leaves, out of the water. You can use a rake or a net to remove all the big debris. Remember to get these tools, as they are effective for maintaining your pool, regardless of how big or small it may be.

You might also decide to use a vacuum, which is quite an effective alternative. Furthermore, be sure to empty the skimmer basket of the swimming pool if you notice some unwanted contents in it.

However, some smaller particles may have sunk below already, and turning on the pump is a great measure to get them out. After you’re done with all the skimming, you can start running the pump to filter out the water. You should run the pump for about 8 hours minimum, but longer is better. This will ensure that all the junk and dirt that contaminated the water during the pool party will be filtered out and no longer float around in the water.

3. Clean The Surfaces and The Filters

You might want to get your hands on a pool brush. This tool is very effective when cleaning the pool surfaces such as walls. Brushing the pool is one of the most crucial steps of regularly maintaining it, as it goes a long way in ensuring that no algae, dirt, or other unwanted particles have been building up inside your precious pool. Any build-up can contaminate your pool, so even if it sounds tedious, you should get it done to preserve the glory of your swimming pool.

Furthermore, you should also scrub the ladders and steps used to go in and out of the pool since they have also been in contact with people, so bacteria or other pollutants may be left over. Although scrubbing may not seem as important, ignoring it is a mistake, as even pool experts emphasize it.

Additionally, you should also take out and clean the cartridge filters so that they don’t remain filled with dust or other debris. You can utilize a garden hose to rinse out the dirt. This will keep the filter in good health and make it more efficient in catching unwanted debris floating in your swimming pool.

4. Check on The Water and its Properties

The water levels will definitely be affected after a fun-filled pool party with people jumping and rushing in and out of the swimming pool. Water is bound to splash out of the pool, lowering the water levels. This is quite detrimental to your pool’s well-being, and you should work on refilling the pool back at the halfway point to the skimmer plate.

If there is more water than that, then debris won’t be filtered out and will continue to contaminate the pool water. And if there is less water, your filter pumps will be taking in air instead of water, which was designed for; hence, it might break completely! You can also use your garden hose and return the pool’s water levels to the optimum point.

Additionally, you should be aware of more to maintaining the pool waters if you want to be responsible for cleaning it yourself. Get a testing kit that will help you test the chlorine level, the alkalinity, the ph level, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, etc. You should add chemicals depending on the deficits and surpluses that you see with the testing kit.

You might consider calling in a professional, as mistakes can cost you greatly. For example, a high chlorine level harms your health and can damage your pool. So make sure to adjust the chemical levels as follows: pH level between 7.2-7.6, alkalinity Level of 80 to 120 ppm, cyanuric acid of 25-50 ppm, and calcium hardness of 200-400 ppm. Unless the chemical levels are balanced, no one should be allowed to be in the pool.

5. Reducing The Damage

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At last, we have a list of ways to help you minimize the damage and, in turn, the amount of work you have to do after the pool party. After all, preventing serious problems is better than fixing them later, right? So let’s have a look, shall we?

Firstly, ensure you have everything you need to maintain the pool, the brushes, rakes, testing kits, and all we have discussed here. Apart from those, you should also get some oxidizers and other sanitizers that can help protect the pool from sunscreen and other contaminants. You should also shock the pool about a day or two prior as the chlorine levels need to be stabilized.

You should also clean up the surroundings, as the more dirt is around, the more dirt will get into the water. Getting the pool toys and floaters out of the water is also a good idea, as they might make it difficult for you to clean up later on. Furthermore, if you smell and feel a slimy substance, then that’s probably algae growing in your pool. Use algaecide to prevent the growth of such problems.

And lastly, it’s always a good idea for people to shower before they go into the pool so that they don’t bring in any unwanted dirt or bacteria, so you should also consider setting some rules for your guests.

In Conclusion

Everyone dreams of throwing such a splendid pool party, but many neglects cleaning up when all the fun is over. This leads to the pool being damaged more and more, and in the long run, you might have to pay a huge sum compared to the small amount of money and time you could have invested into maintaining your pool on a weekly or monthly basis.

You should also remember that if you are too busy to get the job done, hiring experts may seem expensive. It will save you the cost of repairs if your pool is unchecked. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that you realize how important cleaning up really is. We hope that this article has served as a guide to maintaining your pool after a fun-filled party, and we hope that you can enjoy partying in your pool for days to come!

Featured Image by Peter H from Pixabay