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How To Organize Your Wedding Yourself and Make It Perfect

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Organizing a wedding can be both pleasurable and painful. That’s why there are professional wedding planners like Married. However, some people choose to plan their weddings themselves.

This can be an awesome experience for the bride and groom, and if they start ahead, they can make the experience quite memorable and very enjoyable. So, here are some points on how to organize a wedding yourself and make it perfect.

Think About the Date

When organizing a wedding, people usually start with the budget. Calculating the budget doesn’t necessarily have to be the first step. The first step should be picking the appropriate date for the wedding. There are a few things to consider when picking a date:

  • Bank holidays: It’s important to think about bank holidays. On the one hand, picking the date before a bank holiday means your guests can relax. On the other hand, a bank holiday might mean closing your venue.
  • Seasons: Only you know which season has good weather in your location. This should be an easy thing to decide. Usually, spring is the right way to go, but autumn can be beautiful, too, and pleasant weather.
  • Day of the week: Weddings usually happen during the weekends. Don’t pick a date in the middle of the workweek. Most guests will be tense and think about what they have to do tomorrow. The best day is Saturday because the guests can rest on Sunday.
  • Symbolic days: There might be some days that have sentimental value to you. So, you might want to consider picking one of those for your wedding day. Remember to consider a day that’s not within the workweek.

Brainstorm & Delegate Tasks

Two brains are better than one. Ask your friends if they have any wedding ideas. Your friends might have a lot to say, and this might be exhausting, but it’s a perfect chance for you to delegate some of those wedding planning tasks.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll pass the decisions on to your friends. It simply means that they might have great suggestions regarding venues, guest sitting arrangements, the band, the photographers, etc.

Make a Potential Guest List

The number of people at your wedding is closely related to the amount of money you’ll spend on organizing it. Think about parking, catering, and other expenses, and these will all fall on you.

Wedding Checklist
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That’s why it’s important to make a potential guest list to see what you can cover with the approximate budget you have. If the budget doesn’t cover it, it’s time to narrow down the guest list, cut back on the numbers. You can make an online invitation to your wedding when you finalize your list.

Consider the Budget

We’ve mentioned the guests, but there are larger fish to fry when it comes to wedding organization. The average cost of a venue with catering in the U.S. is approximately $13,000, the band $3,000, the wedding decorations $1,500, and the photographer around $2,000.

Of course, it’s not the same price everywhere, and depending on the country, it might be cheaper or more expensive. However, these are only the basic costs. You need to think about your budget:

  • Parking: Luckily, some venues offer free parking lots. But, there are venues in difficult-to-reach locations. So, we need to think about parking costs and if we’re going to pay for valet parking.
  • Guest accommodations: Some venues have accommodations, and these are quite expensive, but there’s a possibility that we need to think about where our guests will stay in the venue that doesn’t offer this kind of service.
  • Suits and dresses: Keep the dress and the suit in mind when thinking about the budget. The average cost of a wedding dress in the U.S. is $1,700. The suits are much cheaper. The cost ranges from $199 to $500.

Book a Venue

Think about how to choose your perfect wedding venue, and do it quickly. Booking a venue should happen while you’re reading this article because people book venues early on in their planning. Most venues are fully booked at least one year in advance.

Track Your Planning

It’s a good thing to have all these things in one place. Using a wedding planner might help you manage everything a lot easier. This way, you can track your budget and all the brainstorming and delegation you’ve done with your friends. Paradise Weddings provides the best planning experiences.

Photography and Video

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding is a must. But the good thing is that you’ll probably have a lot of footage taken by your guests. When you ask all the guests to send you the videos, you can use an online video editing tool to make a great wedding video.

Guest Accommodations

When choosing the accommodations for your guests, think about your suite. As a newly married couple, you should get the best sleep possible. This doesn’t mean that your guests shouldn’t have a pleasant rest.

If the venue doesn’t have accommodations of its own, you should think about nearby places to book. Don’t make it a hassle for the guests after your wedding day is over. The wedding should be a great experience for everyone.

Share the Process

You need to share everything with your partner. It doesn’t matter if they don’t seem interested in the process. They should be aware of everything that’s happening. Also, involving your partner in a big thing such as this helps avoid marriage problems that can occur later.

Remember, sharing is caring. You’ve already shared the process with your friends and family when you involved them in task delegation and brainstorming. So, sharing with your partner should come naturally and improve your relations in the marriage.


After picking out the perfect wedding ring, there are many more things to consider for the wedding planning to be perfect for you and your partner. But, picking the date, brainstorming with your friends and family, calculating the budget, booking a venue, keeping track of the progress, arranging accommodations, and share the entire process with your loved one are the most important steps in a DIY wedding.

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