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Japanese Tanto Knives: Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese tanto knife is a small sword. The size of the knife is 15cm to 30cm. Some blades are single-edged, but others are double-edged. It gets used for attacking or penetrating others. This traditional knife has a vast history. This knife got developed in Japan’s Heian period. The knives are small, so it is easy to use in a place where the katana is not usable.

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What is Tanto Knife?

The Tanto blade is famous for its Cold Steel or some Japanese traditional swords. It has many sword characteristics. Often used for piercing, splitting, or charging others. It got created as both single and double-edged. Here are some points about the knife and its essentials that help you to know the perfect application of the Japanese Tanto Knife:

  • A small traditional sword.
  • Utilized for cutting and attacking etc.
  • Has a sharp blade that works very well.
  • Its sharp edge is used even to cut the hard stone.

Formulation of the Tanto Knives

It is the Japanese creation of the Heian Period from 794 to 1185. At this time, there is a need for a small sword. But they have a large size katana for their use. Katana is a large sword that is difficult to use in a small area. So, quickly swordsmiths gave their best to create a small-sized blade. It has some styles, including the Hira Zukuri structure. This type of knife got mainly used in warring times.

  • Smaller sword than katana.
  • Comparatively easy to use in small places.
  • A war-friendly weapon.
  • A flat knife without any rigid lines.

Utilization of Tanto Knives

It’s a sharp-edged blade that has no comparison. Women use this knife for their self-defense. They usually hide this knife in the obi belt and protect themselves. It gets richly used in Japanese martial arts. The Japanese Tanto knife is a potent weapon against fighting. It has much better benefits than the katana. Women also carry a knife called Kaiken. They take it with confidence and belief.

  • Tanto knife is the best self-defense weapon also for women.
  • Its small size gets easily hidden from others.
  • The samurai warriors excessively used tanto knives.
  • Women can confidently take this for their protection.

Types of Tanto Knives

Tanto knife is similar to Kaiken, but other types of blades are a fan, ken, yari, and the modern tanto. All cutters have different uses and features, too. The fan tanto is a fan-like structure. These knives have many benefits. Ninjas use them. Women in Japan also received the Kaiken sword as a wedding gift. These knives are also referred to as American Tanto and Westernized Tanto.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that its unconditional benefits make it worth having. This sword is tiny to hide and makes you confident in protecting yourself. The samurai primarily used the Tanto swords in Feudal Japan. Its sharp edge makes it more valuable; you will love it.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the importance of tanto knives!

Featured Image by Momentmal from Pixabay