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Keeping Your Family Safe from Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents pose a fatal threat and have the potential for severe legal consequences. In the United States, more than 4,000 people die every year due to truck-related crashes. Every 12 minutes, a person dies in the US, and every 14 minutes, someone becomes disabled because of a traffic accident. Losing a child to a car accident is especially devastating to parents who only want to ensure their children’s future. 

Trucks are the leading cause of many of these crashes. Sixty-eight percent of truck collision victims are passengers of other vehicles like cars, buses, and bicycles. Auto accidents are inevitable; it can happen to you and your family anytime you’re on the road. If your family has been injured in a car accident, you can best seek justice by hiring a personal injury lawyer.

A legal professional has the skills and knowledge to manage your car accident claim. Getting a lawyer on board gives you the time and energy to focus on the emotional and physical recovery of yourself and your children. An expert will gather evidence and formulate a winning claim strategy. In other words, he/she can assist you in achieving justice and appropriate compensation.

Find out more about how you can protect your family from an accident and provide them with the security and safety they deserve.  

Protecting Your Family from Accidents 

  1. Invest in child safety seats. Studies show that these seats can lessen the risk of fatal injury in children by about 70%.
  2. Place your child/children in the middle of the back seat, the place with the least impact in times of collision. 
  3. Avoid putting children on the front passenger seat, however, if it is unavoidable, turn off the airbag so there will be higher chances of him/her getting out of the crash alive.
  4. Never drink before driving, with or without your children. About 40% of car accidents are caused by drinking and driving and the subsequent loss of concentration. This negligence can put your child’s life in danger, and even if he/she is not with you, your injury or death will leave the child abandoned.  
  5. Never leave your child inside the car alone. Even if you think that you parked your vehicle in a safe space, an accident can happen nearby, and your child would not have the knowledge or capacity to protect him/herself.
  6. After an accident, always seek medical help for you and your child/children. Often, internal injuries are hard to detect. So keep in mind to get your children checked for physical and emotional trauma.
  7. Hire a lawyer who can take care of all legal proceedings. You and your family need the time and energy to recover from all the trauma. Find out how a lawyer can provide assistance in achieving justice and appropriate compensation. 

Additional Tips to Keep Your Family Safe 

  • Check your car, health, and life insurance limits. Make sure your family members are fully covered. 
  • Always make sure that your car is properly maintained, especially things like brakes.
  • Choose air fresheners void of harmful chemicals to install in your car. 
  • Make sure that the car seats for your children are appropriate to their weight and height. 
  • Always bring an extra phone, charger, and cones with you that you can use to call for help in far-flung areas. 
  • Keep an emergency kit in the glove compartment of your car all the time. It can be handy in emergencies.

In the event of a debilitating injury, learn the compensation for loss of amenity.

Car crashes are the leading cause of fatality in people aged one to 33. This data shows that thousands of children are lost in car accidents every year. As a parent, you should be extra mindful and cautious to protect your children from the dangers of car accidents.