Kids linen spray {101 Days of Christmas}

Kids linen spray {101 Days of Christmas}

Kid-Safe Linen Spray

I don’t know about your kids, but mine tend to get keyed up during the holidays…and that’s even without the sugar!

This kid-safe linen spray that Christina at Plant Therapy shared is perfect for helping your littles one calm down at bedtime throughout the holiday season.

Plant Therapy Kid-Safe Essential Oils



Fill spray bottle halfway with vodka or witch hazel.

Add essential oils at a dilution of about 20 drops per 1 ounce. For example, if you’re using a 2-ounce bottle, use 40 drops.

Let the mixture sit for an hour or more.

Then, fill the bottle the rest of the way with water.

Shake well before use and spray bed linens generously at bedtime.

P.S. This would also make a great “no more monsters” spray if you have a child dealing with fears at bedtime or waking up with bad dreams!

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  1. I see you promoting Plant Therapy Essential oils a lot. My question is, how do you know they are safe? Young Living and Do Terra boast about their essential oils being 100% pure and you can find information about how they do it on the internet, but even though Plant Therapy say on the bottle it’s 100% pure, I just haven’t found any info to back it. I’m curious to know what you know, cuz’ they are definitely way more cost effective. Thanks!

  2. That’s a great question, and honestly, one of the things I love about Plant Therapy is their transparency and that they don’t rely on made up marketing terms like “therapeutic grade” to promote their products. The reason it’s so much less expensive is because they don’t have layers of consultants to pay, so you get the best price possible.

    That said, here are some examples on how you can verify the quality of their oils:

    1. Plant Therapy works closely with Robert Tisserand, one of the top essential oil experts with 40 years experience. He personally oversees every step of the process.

    2. They test every batch of oils multiple times: by the suppliers, at their warehouse by Robert Tisserand and by a third-party tester in France, where a GC/MS test is run. The company, with Robert, then looks over and compares the tests to decide which oils meet their standards to be sold, which includes being not just 100% pure but also containing the correct chemical constituents and percentages of those constituents to make the oil the best it can be.

    3. And finally, they give customers access to all of the test reports (something that is rare in the industry) so that they can be educated and have confidence in the decision they’re making. (Email them at [email protected] to request the report for any oil you’re interested in!)

    I hope that helps!

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