Kids linen spray {101 Days of Christmas}

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I don't know about your kids, but mine tend to get keyed up during the holidays...and that's even without the sugar! This kid-safe linen spray that Christina at Plant Therapy shared is perfect for helping your littles one calm down at bedtime throughout the holiday season. Supplies: vodka or witch hazel water Plant Therapy's Kid Safe…

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Scented playdough {101 Days of Christmas}

This scented playdough is a great stocking stuffer, and my girls have already asked me to make them some for their stockings...even though they've been playing with this batch already. Homemade playdough is also surprisingly easy to make, and the addition of kid-safe essential oils offers not just a fun experience for their senses but can…

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DIY reed diffusers {101 Days of Christmas}

A reed diffuser is another way to embrace the scents of Christmas throughout the holiday season. While the scent won't be as strong as a room spray or an electronic diffuser, these will add a light scent to the air, especially when used to a smaller room. The options for scent combinations are virtually endless, as are the…

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DIY shaving cream & aftershave {101 Days of Christmas}

Create a shaving kit for the men in your life with this DIY shaving cream and aftershave! Actually, who am I kidding? DIY shaving cream and this refreshing aftershave would make a great gift for a woman too! Scent both products with classic Christmas scents like peppermint, choose something fresh like vanilla and orange, or mix…

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DIY lip scrub and lip balm {101 Days of Christmas}

Homemade toiletries are a popular DIY project for good reason: not only does making your own allow you to control the ingredients to avoid those that are toxic or questionable, but it's also much less expensive than buying them. This homemade lip scrub and lip balm would make a great addition to a stocking or a little…

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