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Like Coffee? Here Are Different Types to Try

Coffee is an incredibly versatile drink; it can be enjoyed hot or cold, black or with milk, or plain or sugar. You can have a simple cup of coffee and enjoy the benefits of black coffee or choose to complement its slightly bitter taste with an endless possibility of rich, delicious flavors. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you know that nothing feels as good as the first sip of coffee, regardless of whether you need the plain, black coffee to wake you up each morning or choose to start your day with a foamy and sweet cup of coffee. While the average coffee maker or instant coffee sachets may do, for now, you may be surprised once you try other types of coffee. Here is a list of different types of coffee you might like to try. 


If you like espresso but want the average drink to offer more than 1 oz of liquid, then a doppio would be a great option for you. A doppio is a double shot espresso, thus the name “doppio,” which is Italian for double. It is made with a double coffee filter and is the standard double that you can get at any coffee shop. Baristas make doppios using a two-sprout portafilter; this would result in two solo espressos and double the amount of coffee.  If you want to try it at home but don’t have the espresso equipment, you can buy barista tools from stores like cafe fabrique to get started with your own brew.


If doppio stands for double, then you can guess that lungo is Italian for a long. It’s great if you like the unfiltered taste of coffee, but espresso is too concentrated for you. It’s an Italian-style coffee and is made using an espresso machine. A lungo is a short black coffee with more water; it also results in a larger coffee than an espresso but is not as strong as a double shot, making it the perfect alternative for a doppio. A lungo is the exact opposite of a ristretto.

Cafe Crema

A cafe crema is not, as one may believe, coffee with cream. It is cream coffee, which surprisingly differs much from coffee with added cream. Cafe crema is made with a coarse coffee grind; assuming you read more here about the different coffee roasts and grinds, you will be able to find the perfect one for your cup of coffee. It is made just like an espresso; however, it is brewed for longer, allowing all the water to pass through the coffee using the coffee brewing process. When you do that, a layer of blond crema appears on top of your coffee. While cafe crema is not a really popular coffee drink in many areas of the world, it is still widely popular in Switzerland and Northern Italy. 


If you are a chocolate-loving coffee connoisseur, espressino would taste like heaven in a cup for you. To make an espressino, you would have to sprinkle some cocoa powder into your cup and spread Nutella or alternative chocolate spread around its walls. After that, pour a shot of espresso and equal parts of foamed milk. Top it all off by sprinkling cocoa powder over your drink. 


An affogato is “drowned” coffee in Italian. It is a dreamy blend of dessert and coffee all in one cup. You start by adding a scoop of Fior di latte, vanilla ice cream, or gelato into your cup and then drowning it over with a hot shot of espresso. Some coffee places or restaurants also use other coffee variations, such as Amaretto, Bicerin, Kahlua, or other types of liqueur. Some places also go a little adventurous by adding honeycomb to the mix. 

Photo by Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) on Unsplash
Photo by Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) on Unsplash

Cafe Con Hielo

A Spanish brew, cafe con hielo translates into coffee with ice. However, this mixture has so much more to offer. To make one of these sugary coffee drinks, you should start by dropping three sugar cubes into your cup. Then pour ristretto over it. Many Spanish people give this drink an interesting twist by switching out the regular old ice cubes for sorbet. Many people also like to serve it with a slice of lemon to give it an extra zest. This cup of coffee should certainly be at the top of your list if you’re opting for a refresher.

If you like coffee, then the chances are that the morning cup of coffee is indispensable for you. You may feel like going a little off the beaten track with your coffee occasionally. You may fear doing so. This is because a bad coffee cup can be an instant mood ruiner for any of us. Make sure the coffee is stored properly to maintain good flavor. Though, we put together a list of types of coffee that you must try at least once. 

Featured Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash