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Make Pressure Washing Part of Your Cleaning Routine

Pressure Washing should be part of your cleaning routine as a home and, or a business owner. Note that the exterior of your house or business premises is exposed to harsh weather elements all the time. 

Smoke, birds, pollutants, insects, car exhaust, dirt, wind, and rain contribute to the discoloration and damage of your property.  

Pressure Washing is an Essential Part of Cleaning

Most of the time, after cold winters, we all look forward to the rising temperatures of spring. With spring comes a time to make merry, open windows for fresh air and clean. This is the perfect time to eliminate the mold, algae, and debris that has taken hold of your home or business premises over winter. To achieve a clean and polished exterior, you should consider pressure washing Long Island or you can rent a pressure washer in Houston to do the job for you.

What Should Be Pressure Washed?

As part of your cleaning routine, do not ignore the following areas of your home or commercial buildings:

1. The Siding

Pressure wash Siding
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Winds and storms can bring debris to the exterior of your home during winter. This debris gets trapped in the crevices in the siding of your home. Algae and mold can grow on the siding. The perfect way of clearing debris and algae from the siding is by pressure washing. 

2. The Sidewalk and Driveway

Pressure washing will eliminate molds and mildew that have gotten hold of your concrete sidewalks and driveway. 

3. The Roof

Pressure wash the roof of your house to get rid of algae and mold built up over winter, leaving a black and green streak. 

4. The Garage

Get rid of the old oil stain from your garage floor. 

5. The Windows

Winter temperatures are low, and rain takes a toll on your windows

6. Concrete or Tile Patios

One important place in your home where you need to use pressure washing regularly is on the patio of your house. However, if your patio is made of tile or concrete, you need pressure washing to ensure it’s always in perfect condition. When power washing, you can appreciate the fact that you can use it to clean any patio, no matter how dirty it is. 

Therefore, although you are cleaning a patio that’s turned black because of the dirt build-up over the months or years, pressure washing services in Long Island will help you bring it back to its old state, giving it life again.

Once cleaned, you will be ready for a backyard barbeque party with your friends and family. 

7. Automobiles

Anytime you enter a commercial car wash and pay for a service, you rent a pressure washer. The most common applications are washing;

  • Cars
  • Boats, and 
  • Motorcycles. 

With this in mind, it is essential that you choose the right pressure washer since too narrow of a spray could give the exterior of your car the wrong amount of pressure and damage the finish.

Bottom Line

Pressure washing is an effective method you should consider incorporating into your washing routine. Some places and things you can wash using this cleaning method are the garage, siding, patio, deck, automobiles, and windows. Read how to start a pressure washing businesswho knows, one day you’ll be managing your own.

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