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Mazda CX-5 – A Smart Compact SUV For The Masses

The CX-5 – A Mazda Made for the Future

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Hours of Continuous, Refined Comfort on Road Trips – CX-5 from Mazda

Smart, reliable, and efficient, this SUV is perfect for people looking for consistent performance over very long distances. And we mean very long distances. With a large assortment of entertainment, safety, and driving features, cruise control, and enough legroom to make your drive feel like a breeze, the CX-5 from Mazda manages to turn your road trip into a memorable experience. 

The compact SUV offers a wide range of trim options and hosts a very smart infotainment and safety system, among other features. For those of you who love to travel, we recommend going with the Mazda CX-5 Tourer. 

Let’s take a closer look at the SUV and see how it fares. 

Mazda CX-5 – Made to Endure

The SUV is suitable for families, and a well-equipped, smart cabin mirrors the exterior. The supportive seats, lumbar support, and soft seats make you feel snug, especially in the cold. However, the same cannot be said about the passengers in the back.

The Exterior

The Mazda CX 5 is a sports car manufactured by a factory used to making sports cars, as the exterior has all the hallmarks of one. The sleek design is rather aerodynamic, which means a much smoother and less tiring drive across long distances. The reduced drag also means better fuel efficiency.  

We would suggest avoiding the 19-inch alloy wheels for the tourer as they tend to highlight road bumps and take a toll on the suspension – though it does feel and look quite good. 

Safety & Storage

According to crash tests, the Mazda CX-5 has a wide range of safety options geared towards both the driver and passengers. The same goes for the leg room and other features. However, other SUVs in the same price range also offer more than the same for passengers.

The luggage capacity for this SUV stands at 506 liters, 11 liters more than the Volvo XC60 but much less than the Nissan X-Trail (41 liters less). You can fold the backseat to increase the capacity further to a whopping 1,620 liters – enough to carry a bike quite easily. You can put as much as you want in the back, and even then, the suspension won’t make any sound. The engine and body are made for long trips – especially with the family. 


The Mazda CX-5 is nothing short of a jack of all trades, not to mention how cool it looks on the road. There are a lot of desirable traits that this car boasts of, making the trip much shorter for occupants, but there are some comfort issues as well. For an SUV, the CX-5 is very quiet. The Mazda CX-5 also has many features, but this also makes it slightly expensive.