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Who Do You Need To Send Thank-You Cards to After Your Wedding?

When you get married, there are many people to thank for their help in making your day special. Here is a helpful guide for whom to send thank-you cards after your wedding.

When To Send Your Thank-You Cards

There are several groups of people you need to send wedding thank you cards to after your wedding. The first and most obvious group is your wedding guests. Thank them for coming, for their gifts, and their kind words. If you received cash as a gift, consider including a note that tells the giver how you plan to use the money. If you had any vendors involved in your wedding—from the caterer to the photographer—be sure to send them thank-you cards. These cards don’t need to be long or extravagant but should express your gratitude for their services. Finally, don’t forget about your parents and other family members who helped make your day special. Send them handwritten notes expressing your love and appreciation.

It’s important to send these cards immediately after the wedding. It’s best to send them within two weeks of getting back from your honeymoon. However, it’s okay to send thank-you cards that should be shipped within two or three months of the wedding date. That way, you can ensure that everyone gets a card and that they know how much you appreciate their help on your big day. Beautiful thank-you cards also serve as a wedding keepsake for your guests, so consider sending cards on high-quality thick paper and a nice envelope.

What To Write in a Thank-You Card

Thank-you cards require more etiquette than simply writing “thank you.“ You will need to include contact information, names, and, more importantly, a pleasant note expressing gratitude. If possible, try to write each message with the guest in mind to make it more memorable. When writing thank-you cards, be sure to include:

  • Your name and your spouse’s name
  • The date of the wedding
  • The name of the person who gave you the gift
  • What the gift was
  • A brief sentence about how much you appreciate the gift

Ideally, you should collect this information during the RSVP phase of your wedding. However, sometimes information gets lost in the shuffle. If you’re unsure about the accuracy of names, addresses, and gifts, consider contacting the guests directly for more details. You may want to contact guests via social media for more information about their attendance, if necessary.

Tips for Quickly Sending Out Your Cards

Image by kath_arina from Pixabay
Image by kath_arina from Pixabay

The first few months after your wedding tend to be hectic, so you may not want to spend too many hours writing thank-you cards. But don’t avoid the task too long and remember that writing them may make you happier. With that in mind, there are straightforward ways to write these cards quickly and efficiently. First, make a list of everyone you need to thank. This will help you stay organized and ensure that no one is forgotten. Try to write the cards as soon as you can. The sooner they’re written, the sooner they’ll be sent. If possible, invest in a nice card or stationery set. This will add an extra touch of elegance to your thank-you cards. Once you begin writing, try to keep it brief. While more effort is appreciated, a quick expression of gratitude is all that’s needed for most people. You can go into more detail in a later conversation or email if necessary. Be specific about what you appreciate about them and their gift and attendance.

Thank-you cards are a customary and thoughtful addition to your wedding to-do list. With kind regards and appreciation, your wedding guests will feel the warmth of your wedding day once again.

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