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31st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

When you have to choose something for your husband, you might be unsure of what to get. To lessen your dilemma, check out these anniversary and special day gift ideas.

Although you think you know your husband like the back of your hand, you may still find yourself panicking-Googling “gift for husbands.”. If you find yourself in such a common dilemma, we have assembled the best gift ideas for any man in your life, whether he is your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend. If it’s his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Parents’ Day, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, these mind-blowing gift ideas will adorably spoil him.    

When choosing an exceptional present for your husband, think about what kind of reaction you want to elicit in him. You should make him feel loved and appreciated for a special day or on your 31st Year Anniversary. However, if you want to do something romantic, plan something emotional yet practical. It would help if you got him something handy and regularly useful but that he wouldn’t buy on his own. Want him to be delighted and surprised? Buy something unique or adorable related to his profession or hobby. You can surprise him with a present that will always remind him of a memorable incident in his life. 

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Here, we have gathered a whole bunch of gift ideas that will hit all the right notes. From tiny fancy gadgets to his favorite Sunday meal, you will find all the best present ideas for husbands here.

A Customized Wallet

A wallet is always a useful gift. You can even customize it for a personal touch. You can add pop-out card slots or even add on a wallet tracker.


A Theragun is a gadget he will find difficult to live without once he starts to use it. This is basically a “percussive massage” at home. It mitigates a whole bunch of annoying pains and aches. He will be thankful to you for this creative gift, whether he got sore back pain from sitting at his desk or standing for hours. 

Phone Disinfector

A timely gift during this pandemic will be a phone sanitizer that will disinfect his tech and charge it. When he is back from outside, this gadget will save some time for disinfecting the phone.

Ameliorated Sweatpants

Wearing sweatpants all the time is the comfortable dream of every man. It may sound simple, but pants that are as comfortable as sweatpants but look casual are something he will definitely love. You can search for many options but choose the ones that will look casual so that he can wear them at work all day. 

Golf Game

Enable your husband with the opportunity to practice his putt at home anytime with a hybrid between beer pong and golf. On weekends, if he does not want to go outside, this item will help him to spend the day well at home. Remember, he may keep playing all day! 

High-Tech Valet Charger

A gift will help your husband stay organized: a robust station where he can keep his keys, watch, and other accessories. Try to find one which can charge his AirPods and phone too. This gadget allows him to charge his vital devices all in one place. 

Smart Jacket

A fashionable-yet-warm jacket is one of the most useful gift ideas for your husband around the holidays, Valentine’s Day, or for your anniversary. Try to buy something made with eco-friendly materials that go with anything. 

Sports Memorabilia

If your husband loves baseball, get him Sports Memorabilia, a modern bottle opener. Each of them comes with its own unique story card, which focuses on impressive history. 

A Private Fireplace

To add some warmth to his personal man cave or elevate your date nights, a mini fire pit will be a perfect gift. He can use it to toast marshmallows or any other delicious snacks.  

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses
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A guy who always stares at a screen for work and leisure will love stylish specs that block blue light to protect his eyes while randomly scrolling or working. If you want to give him something which will provide double benefits, buy prescription lenses. 

Indoor-Outdoor Speaker

If your husband is a tech lover, he will enjoy a nice portable speaker. Try to find one that is drop-resistant, waterproof, and conveniently sized while still delivering amazing sound. The best thing about these speakers is they can turn any corner of the home into a musical oasis. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Knit Quarter-Zip

If you are trying to upgrade his wardrobe, buy him a versatile pullover. Try to find something which will fit, feel, and look great. He will recognize types of menswear made with fine knit as a quality item.  

Personalized Puzzle Game

If your husband likes to solve puzzles on his days off, a customized puzzle will be a perfect gift for your anniversary. The puzzle clue can be a map of his hometown or a place he visited many times. Now, that is a thoughtful gift for your husband.

Audio Sunglasses 

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Some of us love to listen to music all day. If your husband is one of them, buy him smart audio sunglasses. He can look cool in the sun while listening to podcasts, playing music, or taking calls. Now, you can cross “find a birthday gift for husband” off from your to-do list.


Buy a vest for your husband that is windproof, durable, water-resistant, and wonderfully packable. It is basically the perfect gift for your outdoorsy husband.

A Book of Reasons 

Everyone falls in love with their partner for their own unique reasons. While some of us vocalize these reasons regularly, many of us are too shy to express our treasured feelings. Surprise your husband with a book where you can write down the reasons that made you fall in love with him. This can be a thoughtful yet emotional gift for the anniversary

Picture Box

On your anniversary, another thoughtful gift you can give is a box displaying sentimental pictures from your old albums. This gift will look more thoughtful if you make the box on your own. However, you can buy pre-built boxes to attach the images for you and inscribe customized messages. 

Watch with a Note

Anniversary watch gift
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Watches are classic, highly desired accessories. For your anniversary, gift a watch from a jewelry store in Dayton Ohio with a personalized message to add even greater value to the item. If you are unsure about what material the watch should be made of, try to match the style of his current accessories. For example, if he likes leather items, then he will love a leather watch. 

Engraved Pen

Any branded pen engraved with a special message is one of the best anniversary gifts. You also can engrave the pen with your husband’s name. He can use this gift at the office when writing notes or journaling.

Arrange a Romantic Date Night

It is not necessary to buy anything for the special day. You can plan a romantic dinner on your anniversary in one of his favorite restaurants. Choose a theme for the night and ask the planner to decorate everything accordingly. If he loves to spend time near the beach, you can plan a romantic beach dinner under the open sky and stars; you can walk on the beach together after dinner. 

Boys Trip

Without a doubt, you want to spend every second of your anniversary day with your husband. No matter how much you both love to spend time together, he will love a trip with his best friends. Arrange a trip to a farmhouse or a hotel and take care of everything from food to living arrangements. Nothing will make him more relaxed than spending quality time with the guys. 

Plan Something Unusual

Couples commonly have diverging interests. If you really want to do something exceptional, unexpectedly indulge his hobbies and interests and make a whole day out of it. For example, buy a ticket to watch his favorite sports team; he will remember such a gift for years to come.

 Mix Tape 

Make a mixtape of his favorite music and artists for your anniversary. A similar gift to consider is a basket with all the albums of his favorite songs. Wrap each album neatly and place them in the basket. It will be an aesthetically pleasing gift that will provide many hours of enjoyment. Do not underestimate the value of physically owning their favorite artists’ albums, rather than just listening to them digitally.

Most of these ideas are simple, but each of them is adorable. However, any of the gifts will become memorable if you plan from your heart. Try to find something which suits both his identity and personality.     

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