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5 Reasons That Self Hosted WordPress is My Favorite Blogging Platform

The following post is from James of Brooks Web Services:

WordPress, one of the most popular self-hosted blogging platforms in the world, is surprisingly easy to manage and get to grips with and it can be useful for people with many different goals and skills.

WordPress self-hosted websites are an easy and affordable way to ensure that you get your online presence out there. In fact, all you have to do is have a domain and fast hosting and you can run WordPress for free.

Here are the five top reasons WordPress is my favorite self-hosted blogging platform:

It’s Simple to Install and Use

I briefly mentioned it before, but it cannot be overstated. WordPress is very simple to use and anyone can easily get it set up. Many of the major web hosts now offer a “1-click” installation.  So, it is extremely easy to get started. Updating it is straightforward and taking care of things like the layout, and the pages you want to feature only requires a few clicks.

It is Extremely Versatile

You can get any look you want with WordPress, whether you are running a bakery, a magazine, or a car parts shop. WordPress is endlessly customizable so that you can achieve your vision of what your online presence should be. You can always switch it around later if you change your site. Another part of this is ‘plugins’, functions that may be added to your blog. These are a great way to keep your site connected to social networks and having a strong individuality and relevance.

It is great for SEO

WordPress is basically designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) straight from when you install it. As long as you update your website regularly, you should be able to get a bit of exposure. If you are not feeling too sure about it, you could install an SEO management plugin, which can be a big help (one of my favorites is called Yoast).

It’ll Save You Money and Time

Getting a website or blog created for you can be an expensive investment that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. WordPress is free to use, and it is so simple that anyone can install it – all you need to do is pay for a domain and hosting! It should also take you a minimal amount of time to set up and get going so you can actually get to the ‘blogging’ part of blogging!

Secure and Surrounded by a Strong Developer Community

WordPress updates automatically to keep your website as secure as possible and shield it from possible hacking. WordPress is hugely popular with developers around the world and boasts a vibrant community that is happy to help newcomers like how website designer Jeff Lewis created this free WordPress maintenance guide for everyone. This constant input also means your website’s look or functionality may be enhanced while you are using WordPress. Learn blogging terms.

Do you use WordPress? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

James Brooks is a professional blogger, web designer and social media consultant based on the South West coast of England. As well as being a co-founder of GPlusTuts, a blog about Google+, James also enjoys blogging about technology, food and tea!