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Best Advice From NYC On Wedding Tuxedos & Suits

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The etiquette dictates that the bride and groom can select whichever formal attire they deem appropriate for their ceremony because, after all, it is their wedding. If the bride chooses a casual suit jacket minus the tie or a blazer in a lovely violet color, perhaps a turquoise-colored tuxedo with tails or maybe even a more traditional kilt to suit a Scottish heritage, that is her prerogative. 

When there is a theme to uphold, the groom must comply. Right? Unless, of course, the groom has a qualm over his dignity put in jeopardy. Then the dynamic might change. 

The average man prefers sophistication and simplicity in the vein of the dapper men of the 1930s or even the 40s. The clothes from that era are timeless, flowing year after year with elegance and formality, the classic look of black. 

A custom, made-to-measure tuxedo meant specifically to fit the groom’s body, so he feels confident on his big day and not like he’s on display. These allow for the bride’s breath to be taken away when she sees him in the same way he feels at the sight of her. While etiquette places no rules on the bride and groom, perhaps the industry should give them some guidance. Let’s check out a few pieces of advice.

Advice To Grooms On Their Wedding Day Attire

A wedding is a huge event in both the bride and groom’s life. Most of the planning and details fall to the bride as etiquette dictates the day is for the bride. But, what is the harm if the two of them worked together to make a few of the arrangements? It might be fun. 

They could learn a lot about each other and the groom could feel a bit more included, especially when it comes to tuxedos or suits. Generally, the duo faces no rules regarding their theme or how that translates with the groom’s attire. That can often lead to some unusual choices or colors, making some men feel a bit uncomfortable at times. 

Hypothetically speaking, if a man fits with the ideal tuxedo formed to his body in a timeless color like, for instance, navy or black, there would be more confidence in his stance and a moment of awe for the bride. 

But if the man were to take this responsibility away from the bride, he would need to follow a few “suggestions” from the wedding industry to maintain sophistication for the ceremony. Let’s check out some.

Keep the bride in mind.

No one is to overshadow the bride. Look at the aesthetic, the venue, and the gown brand to learn the level of formality. Your bride might tell you it’s not a formal affair, but all the signs lead to black-tie. Pay attention to what’s happening with the details and then search for the ideal tux or suit that matches the scheme.

Timeless, not trendy.

You want to keep your choice timeless and not go for the latest trend on the scene. Whatever is currently happening on the catwalk will be gone possibly in a year or two. 

You might find it appealing, and that’s fine in a day-to-day situation. However, if you wear a trend for a milestone occasion where photographs will go down in your history, you will become a product of your times. That means generation after generation will pull out the album merely to laugh at you. Avoid doing it to yourself.

Buy your tux instead of renting.

It’s wise to have your tuxedo custom fit to suit your body and buy it instead of renting. In the same vein, a bride purchases her gown, it’s nice to hold onto that memory, plus you can use the tux in other situations. Perhaps you’ll attend other weddings or even potentially need it for more formal affairs through work or other activities. 

Look your best.

It’s essential to ensure the tuxedo or suit that you choose is top-notch, best of the best and that it outshines the selections for the groomsmen or anything the guests could potentially be wearing. The photographer or videographer, even the bride, needs to be able to tell who you are from everyone else. 

However, you need to accessorize or complement the look, make sure that you make the best appearance you possibly can for one of the most significant days in your life.

Color is not an option.

The reason for your making your outfit selection is so that your bride didn’t put you on display. Make sure that you don’t make a spectacle of yourself either. There are no color selections when you’re a groom except for one accent on either the cummerbund, pocket square, or vest, but this should be subdued.

Otherwise, you’re looking at black and white. Falling into those classes will be “midnight blue” with either suits or tuxedos and also for a suit – “charcoal.” A fun fact (and quote) “midnight blue shows darker at night than black does.” That’s a professional tip from those who know. Look here for guidance on suit colors.

Cuff links
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Avoid pleats preferably 

Some people might prefer pleats as a comfortable option, and some can pull them off, but these are slender, tall men who make everything look elegant. The consensus, though, is that a plain front is a better, less risky option. 

Formal trousers should also never cuff. The legs need to graze the top of the shoe slightly and then go down at an angle. You’ll need to take your dress shoes when you go for a fitting to ensure it is ideal.

Final Thought

These bits of advice merely touch the surface. There are many more to learn before you head out on your own. But a simple guideline to follow is if you do it right and keep your ensemble classic with the sophisticated tuxedos or suits, you can then place one jolt for spice, like perhaps an emerald boutonniere. 

As we mentioned, your timeless tuxedos plus accessories should help you stand out from everyone – except the bride, of course.

Featured Image by James Royce from Pixabay