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Best Time Management Tips For Working Mom

Time management is a general concern, but it always seems a more pressing issue for mothers. Especially working moms. There’s the experience of trying to juggle household activities, kids’ responsibilities, the increasing work demands of the workplace, and so on. A lot of nursing mothers interestingly feel like they should give up once in a while. Managing all these together can be quite an ordeal for any mother, and a lot of mothers are already giving up on the struggle. Here we’ve compiled some time management tips that working mothers can adopt to get their stuff together. Take a look at them.

Be Organized

be Organized
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As it has been repeatedly said, preparation is better than cure, and this saying has never been better applicable anywhere else than in this case. By being organized, mothers can prevent the stress that comes with forgetting appointments, lost homework, double-booking, and a lot of other stress traps faced by busy moms.

You could be asking at this moment what it really means for a busy mother to be organized. You may also be wondering to what extent they can be organized. Especially considering all the work they have to juggle at the same time to keep the home going. If you can stick to focusing on the key areas of an organization, then you will find out how little work here, and there can easily go a long way. Being organized with your daily schedule at home and at work can become your key to unlocking the efficient mom you are willing to become.  An organization may seem difficult when you are yet to try, but once you can get a few plans together, it becomes easier.


Yes, you read that well – as a mom, you should be willing to delegate tasks to whoever is available and can handle anything. Of course, kids would always be so adorable and helpless until we are ready to hit them up with a few tasks to do. Sometimes, we do everything for them until it becomes a habit we cannot break. But then, look at it again, and you will realize that you are doing yourself more harm than good, considering how impossible it is for one person to cover all the numerous works available to do at home.

Although it is often very tempting to go on with every household responsibility by yourself, you will be getting better results at a quicker time when you learn to put some effort into getting your partner and children into the mix. The trick here is to ensure that tasks are broken into tiny bits that everybody can handle. Avoid assigning a task that’s too big for the assignee to handle.


Since time immemorial, multitasking has always often been praised as one big-time management skill. However, it is important to point out here that you should only multitask when appropriate for you to avoid a breakdown. Although multitasking has proven to be an excellent tool for time management over time.

Experts have also found that multitasked projects will not be completed as accurately as they should if a person goes within their limits while trying to multitask. Hence, it is vital to find a compromise. Pair tasks that are mindless with the ones that need absolute focus whenever it is appropriate. For instance, while taking your daily walks, you can as well make some business calls. You can also help your kids out with their assignment questions while cleaning the kitchen.

Learn When To Say No

This is undoubtedly important for everybody, not just for busy moms alone. Learning to say no to specific requests from people is an obvious time management tip. It is not going to be as easy as you think. Mothers often encounter several different requests that are worthy of their time and attention. Of course, saying no to such requests will often disappoint the person asking. The issue, however, is that saying yes too much can put us in a tight corner of not being able to finish all or to do them correctly. And, of course, we will be disappointing those people we love even more when we fail to handle their requests after agreeing to. That’s the main reason it is essential to check your priorities out and learn to say no to some demands that are limited to a particular time but are unnecessary.

Learn To Take Shortcuts

Shortcuts are not always necessarily a bad thing as some people imagine. Sometimes, they are your easiest shot to being efficient. If it is possible to get pre-cut vegetables for dinner, then why not? If you can afford a few appliances that would help to make kitchen work easier and better, then do it. If you are a career mom, then why not? You can also find a few shortcuts to do office work, and that too would greatly help. Hire a paper writing service, for instance, to handle some office paperwork for you, or get an assistant if you can afford one, to help get more straightforward works done, while you turn your focus to other things you should do.

Have a Routine

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Although they don’t often look like it, routines are still excellent time management skills with the potential of saving you so much mental stress and energy. By routine here, we are not just talking about learning to wake up and sleep at the same time daily. But things like having chore rotation schedules, dinner menu, and even sex schedules with your partner. This can sometimes sound too automated, but it is worth thinking about and trying. At least, it takes away the burden of having to reinvent the wheels of “where,” “when,” and “how” every week, freeing your mind to focus on other productive things for the significant part of the day. For all of the above, you need to maintain your routine and for this, you need a time watch like Tissot which can help you a lot. 

Be Flexible

As much as it is important to have a planned schedule of tasks. It is equally important to keep things flexible and not overdo the rigidity. Try to be flexible enough to accommodate tasks that may come up unexpectedly. Moms get faced with such tasks all the time. You might need to break out from your planned schedule once in a while to take care of a sick kid or clean spilled milk. The goal is to have a planned rhythm for your day; however, be open to doing important tasks that may spring up once in a while.

There you have it. Being a mom can be very tasking, but being a working mom is one hell of a job. So, you need to handle it well or face the risk of losing out on both ends. These tips would help you handle both tasks efficiently.

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