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3 Tips for Making Long Flights Comfortable

3 Tips for Making Long Flights Comfortable

Due to the miracle of human flight, we can get from New Jersey to Singapore in as little as
19 hours. But if you’re not lucky enough to afford getting pampered in first-class, long-haul flights are
not exactly a dream come true. Maybe we’re wrong. Perhaps your dream is to sit in a small confined
space for many, many hours. That would make you truly remarkable. Good for you! For most people,
flying in economy, where legroom is considered a luxury, is a drag. Especially now, when airlines
seem to be on a quest to shrink seat size as much as possible. We have 3 great tips to for Making Long Flights Comfortable, or least as comfortable as possible with a few suggestions.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve never been on a long-haul flight, and you want to know what
to expect, or you’ve already experienced it, and you’re looking for ways to make those endless hours a
bit less miserable. Well, you’re in luck, because lengthy flights don’t have to be miserable. We’ve
surveyed experienced travelers and selected the top three tips to ease you through your trip.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Perhaps your strategy is to wait as long as possible so you can get that special last-minute offer. That’s
rarely worth the trouble. There are better strategies to save on airfare. Buying early will at least give you
peace of mind in the weeks or months before your trip. Bonus: you get to pick where you want to sit. If
you wait until the last minute, you risk ending up in the worst seat of all – the dreaded middle seat.
Since we’re on seats, you have to pick strategically. If you’re lucky, you get to snag a seat in the exit row,
which means you can stretch your legs. There’s also the option of getting an aisle seat. Some people say
that aisle seats are better than window seats because you can stretch your legs, and you don’t have to
bother anyone when you need to go to the bathroom. Well, those people are wrong.

If you’re not fortunate enough to get a seat in the exit row, our advice is to get a window seat. In the
aisle seat, you can stretch maybe one leg but not even that because the drink cart will pass a zillion
times (remember that this is a long-haul flight), the flight attendants will tell you not to stretch out that
one leg in the aisle and so will help the people that need to go to the bathroom and don’t want to trip.
Speaking of going to the bathroom – yes, you won’t have to bother anyone when you need to go, but
they’ll bother you so you can forget about sleeping. If you pick the window seat, you’ll have something
to lean your head on when you want to nap, so the long hours pass more quickly, and nobody will
bother you.

What to Wear on Long Haul Flights?

What to wear on a long haul flight
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Skin-tight jeans and fitted blouses paired with high heels might make you look great, but after sitting in
them for over 15 hours, you’ll come to hate your decision. Trust us, no matter what you do, you will not
come out of a long-haul flight looking chic. But that’s ok. This isn’t a beauty contest, and you can take
comfort in knowing that everyone will start looking a bit shabby by the end.


We should also mention that wearing makeup is not a good idea. Try to keep it to a minimum. The dry
cabin air is bad enough as it is without additional pore-clogging products. You’re better off taking a
serum or moisturizer with you (but keep it under 100ml so you can pass security checks).

Socks and other options

Now back to clothes. The best approach is to go for “comfy-chick” outfits – as close to pajamas as
possible. Choose breathable, stretchy fabrics and layer up because you never know how warm or cold
it’s going to get. Experts recommend wearing a pair of compression stockings to counteract the blood flow problems caused by altitude and sitting in cramped positions.


Regarding shoes, it’s usually considered rude to take your shoes off on the plane, but during a long-haul
flight, as your feet start to swell (unfortunately they’ll also start to smell), you’ll feel the need to.
So what’s the solution? We recommend you wear comfortable shoes, to begin with, and pack some
comfortable slippers as well. When you want to take off your shoes, put them away in a bag, and
change into your comfy slippers. before putting on your slippers make sure to bring a pair of compression stockings with you so you can put them on first.  compression stockings improve your blood flow and can lessen pain and swelling in your legs which is a serious concern when flying a long haul flight.

Pillows and other accessories

Don’t Forget the Essentials, these are the items that will truly responsible for making long flights comfortable: Travel Pillow, Earplugs, Sleep Mask, Headphones and Entertainment If you’re excited about opening your little complimentary long-haul care package, you should know that it never quite lives up to its potential. Sometimes the pillow is particularly prone to deflating, the

Bands on the sleep-mask break and the earplugs don’t stay in. It’s better to bring your own, and we
guarantee that they’ll be better quality. You can get a memory foam pillow that will keep you from
waking up with a crick in your neck, a silky sleep mask you can hardly feel on your face, and moldable
earplugs that fit perfectly.

The noise from airports and airplanes can drive even the calmest people insane making your long flight very un-comfortable. They’ll be crying babies, rowdy groups of friends and lots and lots of announcements. You can either practice meditation for a couple of years before your flight or take the easy route and get nose-canceling headphones.
Maybe now you’re thinking: why should I get noise-canceling headphones when you told me to pack
earplugs earlier? That’s an excellent question. You’ll need them because chances are, the earphones
you’ll get for free are barely audible. You’ll try to watch a movie, but all you’ll hear is crying babies and
roaring engines. All these suggestions will are intended in Making Long Flights Comfortable, or least as comfortable as possible.

Conclusion | Making Long Flights Comfortable

While we’re on it, you should also bring your entertainment. You won’t be able to sleep through
the entire flight, and you’ll get bored. Download some binge-worthy series beforehand so you can watch
them on your laptop. It will make the long hours pass more quickly. If you have kids, download some
games and movies for them as well and make sure your electronic devices are fully charged, or you’ll be
the one with the crying toddler’s people look at disapprovingly while putting their headphones on.