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How to Protect Your Ring From Harmful Bacteria

COVID-19 & Your Jewelry: How to Protect Your Ring From Harmful Bacteria

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to change essentially every aspect of our daily lives. We’re required to abide by social distancing guidelines and to wash our hands as often as possible. With the increase in handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer, many people have wondered how their jewelry and wedding rings may pose a health risk. If you maintain proper sanitary and hygienic measures,  you should be capable of keeping yourself and your jewelry safe.  Read on to learn more on how to protect your ring from harmful bacteria.

COVID-19 & Your Jewelry
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Keep jewelry on while washing your hands

If you’re wearing your rings in public and find that you need to wash your hands, the best thing to do is keep your rings on while washing. Taking your engagement ring off to wash your hands may seem like the best way to protect it. However, doing so will keep bacteria on your ring. Keeping your wedding ring on while washing your hands with soap and water will only help eliminate harmful bacteria. But it’s also important to clean the skin under your rings as well, as it’s commonplace for bacteria to cultivate. To properly clean your hands and rings, you should be sure to move your rings up your fingers while washing, instead of removing them completely.

Take extra care of your rings

Just like all of the new daily routines we’ve had to integrate into our lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking extra care of your wedding rings should become part of your new, extra clean, lifestyle. After wearing your rings in public, you should be sure to clean them as soon as you return home. According to jewelry experts, it is quite simple to clean your rings at home. One of the best ways to clean your rings is to use soap and water and to gently scrub them with a tooth brush. This cleaning method is quite effective, as it helps remove bacteria from behind the gemstones in your rings.

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Protect Your Ring
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Stop wearing rings during the COVID-19 pandemic

While everyone wants to show off their engagement ring by wearing it in public, one of the best ways to protect your jewelry and your health is to stop wearing your rings during this pandemic (unless you’re staying put at home). The excessive washing of your hands and using hand sanitizer could put your rings at risk of becoming damaged. It is also quite difficult to guarantee that you’ve completely removed any bacteria from your engagement ring.

Even though a diamond engagement ring may be a girl’s best friend, to ensure your safety, it may be best to leave your engagement ring at home for the time being, especially if you’re an essential worker. While not wearing your rings may be frustrating, it’s important to keep these hygienic lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic with you when life can go back to normal.

This pandemic will make you more mindful of your hygiene in the future, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Before the pandemic, it was common to wear rings 24/7 without properly sanitizing them. So, when life finally returns to a more normal state, be sure to remember to listen to the jewelry experts and properly clean your diamond engagement rings.