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Emerald Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

For centuries, emerald engagement rings have been treasured because of their beauty and rarity. No other gemstone is as attractive as the emerald, but this precious and pricey wedding ring needs special care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

The information below will help you find out if an emerald stone is the gemstone engagement ring for you and let you know what you need to know about the ring properties, enhancements, price, settings, and shopping tips.

The Meaning of Emeralds

A symbol of faith and love, green gemstones have been offered as precious gifts by the ancient Romans to Venus, their goddess of love. Emerald is believed to be soothing to troubled minds, spiritually calming, and gives whoever wears it the gift of foresight. It is also the classic birthstone for June and the modern birthstone for May.

Emerald Enhancements

Emerald gemstone enhancement is normally done using wax, resins, or oil to coat the stone, which improves the color, heal any crack. It enhances the clarity and overall appearance of the stone. These treatments are very stable and don’t affect the quality of an emerald, unlike the colored oils and colored dyes with very poor stability ratings. Note that Emeralds with excellent enhancements are usually labeled O or E. While dyed emeralds are labeled with a D, and should be avoided.

Emerald Price Guide

This is what couples should expect to pay when looking to buy a beautiful emerald engagement ring and matching wedding bands.

A quality emerald carat goes for an average of $1,000. But the gemstone with a reasonable degree of clarity and larger carat goes for $5,000 to $20,000 per carat. The carat, clarity, cut, and color influences the price of an emerald gemstone.

The carat size determines the price of an emerald wedding band or emerald engagement ring. Emerald rings with less carat in size are much more affordable than rings with a higher carat emerald stone. Also, emeralds with a high degree of clarity are more expensive than emeralds, which have a cloudy appearance.

An ideal emerald gemstone has few inclusions, a very shining green color all through the stone, a high degree of clarity with a touch of blue flashes, and a custom cut that expresses the color, elegance, and flaming qualities of the stone.

Emerold ring
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Best Settings and Cuts for Emerald Wedding Rings

Emeralds look beautiful in any cut, but the most popular cut is the classic emerald-cut. Also, the round stunning cut is commonly found with emerald wedding rings; this type of cut increases the flash and fire in the gemstone, enhancing the bling factor of the ring.

Pear cuts display the brightness and fire of emerald gemstones. The cushion, oval and classic cuts are becoming very popular since they have an adorable vintage look.

It’s best to go with the long-lasting and secured crafted emeralds when it involves settings. Also, go with settings that are made with 18k gold and platinum. The best emeralds are the ones with four to six prongs. For men’s emeralds, rings and wedding bands go for the ones that give a more secure setting, which provides extra security and protection for the gemstone.

Shopping Tips for Emerald Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands 

Planning for your wedding don’t let the stress get to you when it comes to shopping for emerald engagement rings, it is good to understand that you get exactly what you hope to pay for. You can find cheaper emerald wedding bands and emerald engagement rings for as low as $80 per carat, but these are the ones with poor color quality, cloudiness, and a high degree of inclusions. These versions are not durable and are a poor presentation of the true quality emeralds.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go for emerald wedding bands or engagement rings made with smaller but multiple carats because they are more affordable than those with larger carat.

Another good alternative is the synthetic emerald rings. Their physical properties are the same as the natural emerald rings. Most synthetics are even more like natural emeralds because they come with small inclusions. Just be sure that the ring is made with high-quality materials and that the gemstone is not a simulant but synthetic.

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