Remember, Classical Conversations is just ONE option

Remember, Classical Conversations is JUST one option

I’m going to say something that might upset a lot of people. First, let me say upfront that our family loves Classical Conversations. We may not do everything by the book, but as hokey as it sounds, I often say that when I went to my first informational meeting, the things I heard resonated in my […]

Weekend reading: January 24, 2014

Jackson at the Museum

From Instagram: Exploring. Last week we finally finished celebrating Christmas (although our decorations are still up…), with a trip to our local children’s museum to with my dad and his wife. Their Christmas gift this year included an annual membership to the museum for our family, and the kids had so much fun exploring all it has […]

Post-workout mango-peach protein smoothie

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AllWhites Egg Whites. All opinions are 100% mine. The frustrating part about “good nutrition” for me is that nobody agrees on what is best. I’m not the type of person to just latch on to one philosophy or approach and simply dismiss all of […]

My creative goals for 2015

Setting creative goals for 2015

If you’d asked me about creative goals three or four years ago, I would have laughed in your face. “I am not creative; I prefer things with straight lines in black and white,” I would have said. My understanding of creativity has changed over time, and now I see creativity in diagramming a sentence and […]

On letting go of mommy guilt

On letting go of mommy guilt

I think there are two things that all mothers can agree on: the horror of the stomach flu and the relentlessness with which mommy guilt pursues us at every turn. It starts early when well-meaning friends, family and strangers ask us how the baby is sleeping and we sheepishly admit that no, we’re not getting […]