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Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone bird feeder {101 Days of Christmas}

We made these bird feeders with our American Heritage Girl troop for the girls to hang on the tree branches around our house. There’s nothing especially Christmas-y about this project, I suppose, but I love the idea of making little gifts for our feathered friends at Christmas and throughout the winter! Supplies: pinecones wire peanut butter bird seed […]

Easy Apple Cheese Danish Squares |

Easy apple cheese danish squares

The following post is from Shaina of Food for My Family and Olmanson Photography: Sweetened cream cheese, cinnamon-spiced apples, crispy pastry crust. There is nothing not to like about this recipe for danish squares. There’s a turkey in the oven, right alongside a pan of au gratin potatoes, and when those are pulled out, sweet […]

Minifolk Family

Minifolk wooden people {101 Days of Christmas}

The artwork and directions for these minifolk comes from Caravan Shoppe, the same online store that creates the Ollibots artwork. Like the robots, I knew I wanted to make a set of these for our 5-year-old, who — like her mama — is an introvert and can play for hours and hours on her own. Because […]

Marzipan Snowmen

Marzipan snowmen {101 Days of Christmas}

I have a serious obsession love for all things almond flavored, but I’ve never made marzipan at home…until this week! I originally had visions of marzipan fruit for the Christmas season, as my heritage might dictate, but then I decided to be realistic about my art skills. However, while marzipan can be rolled into a log and […]