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Why we’re teaching our kids to ask for forgiveness

The following post is from Emily of Live Renewed: You’ve probably seen the situation many times: one kid hurts another child so their parent takes them aside for a talk. They tell the kid it’s not nice to hit (or kick, spit, bite, hurt feelings, etc.) and ask them to say they are sorry to […]

Which Will You Choose This Week?

A couple months ago I shared the story of my daughter scoffing incredulously at the idea that I would call myself a “happy” person. That was hard for me to hear because most of the time I feel happy and optimistic on the inside, but it seems that the people who live with me every […]

Net Nanny Giveaway

Giveaway: Net Nanny 1-Year Membership (2 Winners!)

While I try not to be overly fearful as a parent, the internet is a scary place for kids, where a wrong keystroke can take kids from the educational site they’re trying to access to pornography that will affect them forever. As parents, our rule is that the computer is kept in our main living […]