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Ordering through the World Vision Gift Catalog

Placing a World Vision Gift Catalog order {101 Days of Christmas}

The girls raised an even $120 from their hot cocoa stand (thanks to many generous donations!), and I have to say that this whole experience has been really amazing. It was really important to me that the girls—who came up with this idea on their own—be part of this process. They helped brainstorm toppings, spread […]

Handmade Christmas Bows

Handmade Christmas bows {101 Days of Christmas}

My mom has been making handmade bows for as long as I can remember—bows for the tree and banister, bows for packages, bows for wreaths. When we were at her house at Thanksgiving, I decided to snap some pictures of the process so I could share them with you as well! Supplies: wired ribbon in 2-4 different colors/patterns* […]

Kids in the kitchen

Weekend reading: December 20, 2014

From Instagram: Making madeleines all by herself for her AHG “Christmas Around the World” party. {Yes, with stacks of laundry to keep her company. #keepingitreal} Let the Christmas celebration officially begin! This weekend we’re heading to Sean’s aunt’s house (as we do every year) to celebrate with his mom’s side of the family. Then we’ll continue […]

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Casserole

Bacon & egg breakfast casserole {101 Days of Christmas}

I’ve shared this recipe before, but it’s worth sharing again! We’ve tried many different Christmas morning breakfast options over the years, never really finding one we loved…until this one. Now it has been a staple for the past few years (and this year we’re adding maple chip biscuits, yum!). It’s easy enough that my girls can throw it together, […]