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Candy Cane Chex Mix

Candy cane chex mix {101 Days of Christmas}

Two years ago, I went on a chex mix craze and discovered the world’s best flavor, but since then I haven’t really felt the need to try any more flavors. Why mess with perfection? This year, though, I realized I’ve never made a peppermint or candy cane flavored version, which seemed like a huge oversight on […]

Why traditions matter more than Pinterest {101 Days of Christmas}

With less than 100 days until Christmas, the craziness of Pinterest at the holidays will soon be a reality. While I love Pinterest — and love Christmas (obviously!) — I am not a fan of “keeping up with the Joneses” or giving in to the pressure of expectations. At any time, really, but especially at the holidays. […]

DIY Photo Keychains

DIY photo keychains {101 Days of Christmas}

It has been many, many, many years since I’ve had a set of keys that were “mine”. For a long time we were a one-car family, and even though we have two cars now, we tend to just grab whichever keys are on the hook rather than having designated sets. When I decided to make photo […]