Baked oatmeal any way you want it

Easy baked oatmeal, any way you want it

Because of our kids’ dairy intolerances (which, thankfully, they all seem to eventually outgrow), we’ve had at least one person in our family on a dairy-free diet for pretty much the past 12 years. Finding dairy-free recipes online has gotten so much easier with the popularity of the paleo diet, and I’m pretty good at making […]

Weekend reading: July 23, 2016

Happy Birthday

From Instagram: Happy birthday to this guy! He works so hard at everything he does, loves his family fiercely, dreams big dreams, teaches our kids to wonder at the beauty around them, AND supports me in everything I do. We are lucky, indeed! We spent four days this week at Wintergreen, a four-seasons resort in […]

A simple rule for traveling {and life} with kids

A simple rule for traveling {and life} with kids

Last week the boys and I flew to Florida to spend six days with my sister and grandmother. Traveling with two kids under three isn’t exactly the most relaxing activity, but I really love traveling with my kids, and I’ve been looking forward to this trip—and Jack’s first time on a plane since he was itty […]

Getting that dentist clean every day


A little Snapchat fun! Last month we spent almost $1500 at our dentist office. Crazy, right? We didn’t have any cavities to fill, but there are a lot of us, and cleanings x 6 (the boys aren’t going yet) are expensive. Plus our youngest daughter got sealants on her molars. And then our 11-year-old gut […]