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Wooden Tabletop Display Tree

Tabletop display tree {101 Days of Christmas}

We often get requests for a tutorial on the wooden tree that sits in the corner of our kitchen. Unfortunately, I have limited carpentry skills, and Sean doesn’t often follow — or write — tutorials, so we’ve never been able to put one together. However, when I saw this wooden tabletop tree last year at Curbly, […]


Homemade nonpareils {101 Days of Christmas}

Okay, y’all. We’re exactly three days into this year’s series, and I hereby declare this my favorite project of the year! My mom and I share a love of nonpareils, and when I realized last year that you could make them at home, I immediately added them to the list of projects for 2013. But for […]

Christmas-scented room spray

Christmas-scented room spray {101 Days of Christmas}

If you’re looking for a safe, non-toxic way to freshen the air in your home and embrace the scents of the season without relying on harmful chemicals or candles that could be dangerous with little ones around, this room spray is the perfect alternative. Made with essential oils, it’s all natural and diluted enough to be […]