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Printable Candy Bar Wrappers

Printable candy bar wrappers {101 Days of Christmas}

The following post is from Jason & Jennifer Bruce of New Season Design: Here’s a gift idea that’s cute, easy, and fun! These printable Christmas candy bar wrappers are also inexpensive, so you could make a whole basket full to share with friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc. or use them as Christmas party favors. As […]

Pine cone and holly berry wreath

Pine cone and holly berry wreath {101 Days of Christmas}

My mom is the queen of wreaths. Three years ago she made these beautiful hanging pinecones for her front door, but two years ago she was preparing to move and last year she was living in Florida (where pinecones just don’t quite fit…), so she hasn’t made a Christmas wreath since. But this year…this year […]


Austrian kipferl {101 Days of Christmas}

Ancestor to the croissant, kipferl cookies are fragile crescent-shaped cookies that literally melt in your mouth. Made from ground almonds, they have the slightest hint of almond flavor and a sweet vanilla sugar coating. These cookies are so good that my husband fought over the last cookie of both batches I made. Despite their “fancy” shape, they’re […]