The “more” of a big family

The "more" of a big family

“It gets easier the more kids you have.” I’ve heard this often from moms of big families—and even said it myself a few times—but I’m pretty sure we’re all just fooling ourselves. Or maybe it’s just that I’m at capacity (even as we wait for the arrival of #6!) and feeling it. Either way, while it’s […]

Getting enough protein on the go with ZonePerfect® bars

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At 30 weeks pregnant, food is an important part of my day, but gone are the days of eating three big meals that sustain me throughout the whole day. Instead, the increasing size of Baby Lucas means that my stomach holds a tiny amount of food comfortably, and small, frequent meals are becoming my friend. […]

Weekend reading: August 22, 2015

Fall is coming!

From Instagram: It feels like fall this morning – chilly and crisp. I love it!#wildwonderfulwestvirginia I am working hard to be a person who lives in the present rather than dreaming of the next thing (which isn’t always easy for me because I’m naturally a planner and a dreamer!), but the crisp air this morning means […]