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Royal Icing Shapes & Decorations

Royal icing shapes and decorations {101 Days of Christmas}

I think royal icing just might be my favorite discovery of 2014. It’s easy to make at home, lasts forever in the fridge (which will be perfect next birthday season, when we have four birthdays in six weeks!) and can be used in so many different ways — to decorate cookies, hold graham cracker houses together, and now…to […]

Graham Cracker Houses

Graham cracker houses {101 Days of Christmas}

Gingerbread houses have always been my holiday nemesis. They’re SO stressful to put together with impatient little ones waiting to decorate them, the kits are expensive when you need multiples, and there’s no way I have time to bake my own pieces in a special pan. For the past couple of years, though, I’ve been wanting […]

Scented Playdough

Scented playdough {101 Days of Christmas}

This scented playdough is a great stocking stuffer, and my girls have already asked me to make them some for their stockings…even though they’ve been playing with this batch already. Homemade playdough is also surprisingly easy to make, and the addition of kid-safe essential oils offers not just a fun experience for their senses but can […]