Simply spectacular summers when you’re a work-at-home mom

On simply spectacular summers when you're a work-at-home mom

Every year around this time I start to see posts about embracing summer, making it magical for your kids, saying yes, and so on. And every year I’m torn between rebellion and guilt. It’s not that I disagree with this in principle (although I think our kids have a pretty magical life in general and […]

Worry is not our benchmark

Worry is not our benchmark

I spend a lot of time reading, thinking and talking about things like children’s need for independence for the chance to develop confidence, decision making skills, creativity, etc. It’s a philosophy that’s been defined as free-range parenting by outspoken proponents like Lenore Skenazy, and while I haven’t fully bought into the idea (my kids aren’t riding […]

How to have the perfect Mother’s Day

How to have the perfect Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, posts abound across the blogosphere about what mom really wants (sleep!), how to celebrate the moms in your life, the joy of motherhood, and so on. I’m not here with a gift guide or a sarcastic post about the amount of sleep I’m not getting or to wax eloquent about […]

Confessions of a Kindle hypocrite

I have a confession: Whenever anyone bemoans the effects of Kindles as “ruining” the experience of reading or quotes studies about how much poorer the reading experience is on one of these devices, I get super defensive. In my head, I know that this means I’m probably a little unsure or uncomfortable about my own Kindle habit […]

The power of a hug

The power of a hug

When it comes to “love languages,” there is no doubt that my top language is words of affirmation. I love encouraging words, and I probably tell my people I love them a million times a day in a million different ways. For a long time, I would have put physical touch at the top of the […]

Why, yes, we DO have our hands full!

Why, yes, my hands ARE full!

Easter this year didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of Easter lunch and an egg hunt with Sean’s mom’s side of the family (something we’ve done every year for the last 9 years), the kids and I headed to church without Sean, grabbed pizza and Starbucks, visited urgent care and then grocery shopped and filled […]