The one-pile cleaning method for kids

The One-Pile Cleaning Method for Kids

We’re traveling this week and next, so I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from the archives. This method continues to work wonders for us, and our 8-year-old even makes these piles herself to help everybody get started! Despite carrying both Sean and my genes, sometimes our girls simply don’t see the mess around them. It’s […]

On regaining control of our home

On regaining control of our home

Six months ago I wrote a post about the chaos in our home. I was coming out of months of morning sickness, a sinus infection that just wouldn’t quit, and headaches that had left me unproductive and miserable, and as a family we’d developed a lot of bad habits and dropped the good ones we […]

Have you printed your 2015 Thanksgiving planner?

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Planner

Get organized for Thanksgiving with the 2015 Thanksgiving Planner, available in both full- and half-sheet sizes! Both versions includes the following printables: 2015 Binder Cover 2015 Calendar (blank) Baking Planner Budget Worksheet Decor Inventory Family Traditions Guest List Master To-Do List Menu Planner Recipes List Shopping List Black Friday Shopping List Plus download the Thanksgiving Your Way ebook and Gratitude […]

Rotating seasonal wardrobes with older kids

Rotating seasonal wardrobes: the realistic guide

Ah, it’s that time of year—time to rotate seasonal clothes! Several years ago I wrote the ultimate guide to rotating seasonal wardrobes, and at that time (with 4 girls under 7), my system worked almost perfectly. As they’ve gotten older, though, we’ve run into issues that made it obvious that things needed to change: Our kids […]

The 2016 printable calendars are finally here!

New printable calendars for 2016

I meant to have these ready to go much sooner for you, but it’s just one of those things that kept getting pushed down my to-do list. As of today, though, the 2016 printable calendars have all been added to our free printables collection! Click the links below to download or print each printable: 2016 full-page calendar […]

Let’s talk about planners and to-do lists

Planner Pad

Like most of my fellow type-A’ers, I have a thing for office supplies, calendars, and planners. There’s nothing quite like turning to a fresh page in your planner or looking back at a page of completed tasks. My problem is that I tend to get “planner blindness” after a certain amount of time, which means that every planner […]