On regaining control of our home

On regaining control of our home

Six months ago I wrote a post about the chaos in our home. I was coming out of months of morning sickness, a sinus infection that just wouldn’t quit, and headaches that had left me unproductive and miserable, and as a family we’d developed a lot of bad habits and dropped the good ones we […]

Have you printed your 2015 Thanksgiving planner?

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Planner

Get organized for Thanksgiving with the 2015 Thanksgiving Planner, available in both full- and half-sheet sizes! Both versions includes the following printables: 2015 Binder Cover 2015 Calendar (blank) Baking Planner Budget Worksheet Decor Inventory Family Traditions Guest List Master To-Do List Menu Planner Recipes List Shopping List Black Friday Shopping List Plus download the Thanksgiving Your Way ebook and Gratitude […]

Rotating seasonal wardrobes with older kids

Rotating seasonal wardrobes: the realistic guide

Ah, it’s that time of year—time to rotate seasonal clothes! Several years ago I wrote the ultimate guide to rotating seasonal wardrobes, and at that time (with 4 girls under 7), my system worked almost perfectly. As they’ve gotten older, though, we’ve run into issues that made it obvious that things needed to change: Our kids […]

The 2016 printable calendars are finally here!

New printable calendars for 2016

I meant to have these ready to go much sooner for you, but it’s just one of those things that kept getting pushed down my to-do list. As of today, though, the 2016 printable calendars have all been added to our free printables collection! Click the links below to download or print each printable: 2016 full-page calendar […]

Let’s talk about planners and to-do lists

Planner Pad

Like most of my fellow type-A’ers, I have a thing for office supplies, calendars, and planners. There’s nothing quite like turning to a fresh page in your planner or looking back at a page of completed tasks. My problem is that I tend to get “planner blindness” after a certain amount of time, which means that every planner […]

We’re giving away a printable pack every day this month! {Pin It to Win It}

Pin It to Win It on Life Your Way

Enter to win the Life Your Way Complete Printables Download Pack (or a $7 credit to the Life Your Way shop) when you share your favorite printables on Pinterest. We’ll choose a new winner every day in July! To enter: 1. Pin your favorite printables and tell us how you use them in your home. 2. […]