What’s Wrong with a Little Mommy Guilt?

The following guest post is from Selena of IamFlourish.com: There isn’t a mother out there that doesn’t struggle with some form of mommy guilt. Am I right? It’s such a prevailing feeling that there are tons of blog posts and articles that talk about ways to dispel this guilt. I, myself, have written various posts […]

On Buying New Underwear…and Making Time for Your Art

It’s always a privilege to guest post at Simple Mom, and this week I’m sharing my thoughts about moms and our reluctance and guilt when it comes to taking care of ourselves: I feel guilty every time I buy new underwear. Yep, as ridiculous as it may be, I find myself feeling like I shouldn’t […]

Giving Up Control and Finding Freedom as a Parent

The following post is from Laura Oyer, co-author of Spirit-Led Parenting: Schedule.  Pattern.  Ritual.  Oh, they make me feel so safe. Each morning, I apply my makeup from the right side of my face to the left, and curl my hair from the left side to the right.  Always.  My husband and I have a […]

Foolish Kids. Bad Parents.

The following post is from Amanda of OhAmanda.com and Impress Your Kids: My daughter started kindergarten this month. Kindergarten. It’s been a big big deal for everyone involved–my daughter is away from home for the first time ever, my son has lost his best playmate for most of the day, my husband has a new […]

The Blog Standard & The Whole Picture

Have you ever walked away from reading blogs and felt discouraged or disillusioned about your own home and life? I think for most of us, if we’re being honest, the answer is yes. We see fabulous pictures of someone else’s perfect home with beautiful decor, the examples of crafts and activities they do with their […]

How To Play “Whack-A-Mole” With Mom Guilt

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action: No matter how good things are going, mom guilt always seems to creep up, doesnt it? Today, I’m going to give you 3 tools…let’s call them sledgehammers… to help you smash guilt to smithereens before it can fully rear it’s ugly head and wreak havoc […]

Why I Hate the Idea of Balance

This week we’re talking about simplifying family life. Tune in all week for strategies and tips for every area of life, and if you’re looking for more in-depth resources, be sure to check out the Huge Simplify Family Life eBook Sale! A lot of people talk about finding balance as if it’s the key to […]

Why THEIR Methods Won’t Work For YOU

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action: It’s February — the time of year many moms let feelings of failure creep into their soul. Most, if not all, of those pesky New Years resolutions are distant memories, the topic of jokes and regretful comments that “They weren’t really a good idea anyway.” […]

Why Can’t I Be More Like Her?

The following is a guest post from Selena Moffitt from 1 Mom’s Mission: I want to be like Her. Like who? Like HER! You know…the woman that has it all together. The woman who does everything perfectly and makes it look effortless. Do you know who I’m talking about? She always looks great, she’s great […]

Why Should I Care About the National Debt?

As I mentioned over the weekend, last week I had the incredible privilege of spending two days in Washington, D.C. as part of the MomThink.org campaign to raise awareness of the national debt. We met with representatives and their staff as well as think tanks and political bloggers to learn more about the national debt […]