Question of the Day: Can Your Life Be Busy and Simple?

All this week, we’ve been talking about simplifying family life. Although one of our first topics was simplifying your schedule, I don’t think that being busy is always a bad thing. There are seasons when busy is just fine, as long as every one in your family is on the same page and handling it […]

Question of the Day: Are You Distractable?

Are you distractable? I’ll admit that I’m highly distractable. I get distracted by my to-do list, distracted by fun projects, distracted by something someone said or an article someone sent me. Even though the things distracting me aren’t necessarily “bad” and might not qualify as actual time wasters, they’re still distractions that take my attention […]

Question of the Day: What Are Your Favorite Green Living Blogs?

I have categories in my Google Reader that correspond to every category here at Life Your Way because I love discovering other blogs and highlighting great posts from around the blogosphere. Unfortunately, the green living category is fairly pathetic. I’ve deleted a few this month because they just weren’t providing the kind of content I […]

Question of the Day: What Do You Do When You’re Unmotivated

When I’m feeling unmotivated, I tend to take that as a sign that I need a break. I’m a fairly motivated person in general, and I’ve found that pushing through unmotivation — although sometimes necessary with deadlines and responsibilities — just leaves me worn out and more unmotivated, while taking a break usually leaves me […]