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10 Ways to Add Encouragement to Your Home

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

source: The Pennington Point

Some days I just need a little extra encouragement.  From dieting to raising kids to being hurt by a friend, a simple reminder of what is really important can make all the difference in my day.

I used to write notes to myself and stick them to my bathroom mirror.  Then, I remodeled the bathroom and I didn’t want Post-Its interfering with the decor.  So I looked for other ways to add encouraging words around my home.

1. Wall Hanging

source: The Pennington Point

It may be obvious, but I can’t leave this one out.   I love a print or image you love that has an encouraging quote.  I have the one above by Kelly Rae Roberts in my bathroom and it lifts my spirits every morning!

2. Wall Words

source: The Pennington Point

I painted a whole wall in my living room with a Bible verse.  It was almost free and only took a day.  But there are also many sources for vinyl decals that you can put right on the wall to add joy to your day.

3. Bulletin Board

source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Sometimes I still want to write myself a little note.  To make it look nicer than just stuck to the mirror I have a place for them.  A bulletin board gives me a place for that and special notes that friends give me.

4. Screensaver

source: live laugh rowe

It’s not technically decorating, but opening up my computer and seeing a phrase that gives me hope on my screen is sometime just what I need to propel me in my work.  I like to take a screen shot of a quote that inspires me and use it as my screensaver.

5. Chalkboard

source: The Pennington Point

The great thing about a chalkboard is you can change it for the season or just for when you need a new message.  I have a framed chalkboard in my living room that I change every couple of months.  It keeps the message fresh.

6. Whiteboard

source: The Pennington Point

It’s not nearly as cute as a chalkboard, but a whiteboard is a wonderful way to send a daily message to your family.  We have a large whiteboard in the dining room, and I write a new verse on it every morning.  It gives the whole family daily encouragement.

7. Kid Art

source: The Pennington Point

When your kids make something that inspires you, hang it up!  You can see more ideas for kid art display here.

8. On the Fridge

source: The Pennington Point

I’m not a big fan of hanging things on the fridge with magnets.  It can look messy.  But did you know you can write on your fridge with dry erase markers?  Sometimes I will write a saying on my fridge to encourage me in my diet!

9. Pillows

source: Shop 24

A throw pillow is an easy way to add a pop of inspiration to your day.  Pillows are simple to change, affordable and easy to find.

10. Subway Art

source: The Pennington Point

It’s everywhere!  I found this one at a craft store, and it was the perfect fit for the little spot in my hallway, and it encourages the whole family.

Do you have a favorite verse of quote that would encourage you every day?

Lisa winds through her little Texas farm house every night, tucking in her nine homeschooled children and turning off lights. Then she scans the rooms & makes a mental list of what she wants to rearrange, restore or paint. Her husband of 26 years hangs on for the ride while she blogs about it over at The Pennington Point.