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101 Days of Christmas: 9 Ways to Decorate Sugar Cookies

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ways to decorate sugar cookies
source: little blue hen

A friend of ours makes the most beautiful and delicious sugar cookies. We look forward to the tin of cookies she sends every year (no pressure, Kim!) and carefully divide them between us. We might share a bite or two with the girls too…maybe!

Although I do not have any cookie decorating skills, the great thing about sugar cookies is that there are so many different ways to decorate them. It’s a versatile cookie that becomes the base for a dozen different varieties.

Last week I shared my favorite sugar cookie recipe and showed you pictures of our cookie press cookies. Today I’m sharing more ideas for decorating sugar cookies:

  • decorate with candy, sprinkles or dried fruit before baking
  • create edible paint by mixing egg yolk and food dye and paint designs on your cookies before baking
  • pipe designs from icing on the baked cookies
  • spread icing across the entire cookie, similar to the way we decorated these chai tea cookies
  • spread icing on cookie and then add sprinkles, candy or dried fruit to the icing
  • create a sandwich cookie with icing, jelly, Nutella (!) or another filling between the halves
  • decorate with melted chocolate
  • create a glaze by thinning your icing and drizzling or spreading it on the cookie

What other decorating ideas would you add to this list?

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