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2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronic Gifts

I am definitely a tech geek — a trait passed down to me from my step-dad — and this is one of my favorite category of gifts.

I didn’t wait for Christmas for my Kindle Fire — I needed to review it for my readers, right? — but if I had, it would easily have topped my Christmas wishlist. It’s a very cool little device that I love, made better by the fact that my kids have no idea you can play games on it, so they never even ask to use it!

From big gadgets to nifty little accessories like the iPhone lenses and Nomad paintbrushes, tech gifts are just fun!

If you’re looking for a docking station for your iPhone or iPod, the iHome iA17 Color Changing Stereo FM Alarm Clock Radio is the way to go. Charge your iPhone, fill the room with music, check the time and set an alarm all from this fun color-changing unit! We also love the iD85 for the iPad!

Oh how I love my Kindle Fire! I have barely touched my iPad since I got acclimated to the Fire, and I love its size, operating system and easy access to my books and music. In my opinion, it’s a winner for someone who’s primary purpose is reading, watching videos or checking news/email/social networks!

The DXG Luxe Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p Slim HD Camcorder combines HD technology and style in one device! With beautiful, trendy designs and amazing technology that makes this camera incredibly small and light weight, it’s the perfect accessory for a family on the go.

OtterBox iPhone & iPad Cases are a must have for active families who want to protect their devices! In a variety of styles and colors, there’s a case for everyone!

What’s not to love about this gorgeous Camera Bag Purse? From the turquoise exterior to the colorful patterned interior and the fun embellishments, it’s the perfect accessory for a budding photographer!

I’ve heard quite a bit of speculation that iPhone cameras will actually begin to replace DSLRs as they continue to increase the megapixels and add additional features, and these iPhone Camera Lenses certainly make that seem possible. And they’re cute to boot!

How cool are these? Nomad Stylus Brushes allow you to actually paint on touch screens. They’d make great gifts for your favorite artist or to let your kids paint on your smart phone or tablet!

Although I’m a fan of the Kindle Fire, I can still see the Apple iPad being the better choice for someone who wants to use it in place of a laptop or for a family who wants to add lots of educational apps. It’s larger size and the wide variety of apps available are definite benefits to keep in mind, although the Kindle Fire has a price that can’t really be beat!

My husband actually asked for — and received — a Roku player last year, and it’s probably one of the most used electronics in our home. We stream Pandora through it and watch Netflix and Amazon streaming video…and that’s just scratching the surface of its capabilities.

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