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3 Tech Resolutions for 2013

The following post is from Michelle of Mommy Misadventures:


There’s something about the New Year that just inspires change, a license to start over anew! Since so many of my life revolves around technology, I always make a list of things I can change about the way I think about or use technology to get a fresh start.

I’d love to share three of those with you today.

1. Secure my devices.

Last year, after Mat Honan reported how his digital life was taken over by a hacker, I wrote a post on how to safeguard your digital identity.  Digital security has always been a passion of mine and is something I think about all year long. With so many people receiving new gadgets over the holidays, it is very important to start the new year off on the path to digital security.

One tech resolution I hope to encourage for everyone this year is to secure your devices. Smartphone and tablets are prime targets for would be thieves, not just for the hardware resale value but for the data that these devices have. For some thieves, the data, and not the phone, is the target. That’s why I’m resolving to get more diligent about securing my gadgets. I am enabling an access passcode and data encryption on all my portable devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop). These are key steps to help protect your device and your data from being misused.

2. -Acquire and organize my data more efficiently.

I’m a digital hoarder, a habit I often justify because as a writer and web journalist, I am constantly saving things in the name of research. Despite seasonal cleanups, I find myself sorting through mountains of digital clutter. When it comes time to get rid of an old computer or device– either by sending it to e-waste or performing a data wipe to repurpose it — I am often anxious because I know there is a chance that I may have left something behind.

In 2013, I’m resolving to change how I look at my research. I am taking a hard look at my work flow, not just how I organize and archive but also how I acquire data — what do I download and why am I downloading it? While determining and implementing a good file organization system is a must no matter what platform you work on, I am also resolving to look at using more tools like Evernote and Google Drive to help make my multi-platform computing more efficient.

3. Spend my time online wisely.

Every morning, I open up a browser window intending to do some work. Two hours later, I’ll look up in panic when I realize my “work time” was spent on my personal Facebook account, commenting on status updates and sharing random Doctor Who related pictures.

My resolution is to get a handle on my mindless websurfing. I wish I could say willpower was part of my plan but since I know I’m weak, I’m depending on LeechBlock (FireFox) and Nanny for Chrome (Chrome) to help keep my work time safe from my online time sinks.

While I’m a tech geek whose gadgets are arguably an extension of my brain, a very personal resolution I am making is to NOT use my smartphone when I’m with my daughter. Fifteen years ago, I would have been thrilled at the prospect of being able to use the Internet from just about anywhere and everywhere. These days, I’m realizing that just because I can be connected all the time doesn’t mean I should be. This year, I’m determined to making the most of my time with my daughter than having her childhood pass me by because I’ve been too preoccupied staring at little screens.

Do you make technology resolutions? What are some of your resolutions for this New Year?

Michelle Mista is an IT professional, writer and blogger with a love for all kinds of technology. She writes about tech tips and trends for work at home professionals on her portfolio blog and muses about motherhood at Mommy Misadventures. She is on the constant quest to balance life, work and geekery.