{30} Real Food Changes to Make in Your Kitchen

grass fed beef
source: F. Deventhal

I am counting down the days to my 30th birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Truly! As I was brainstorming ways to celebrate here on the blog, I couldn’t help but think that 30 lists of {30} items would be just about perfect for my type-A, list-making self. Join me for the next month as I share the things I’ve learned in the past 30 years and my hopes for the future! See all 30 Days of {30} posts here.

First let me say that when it comes to making changes in the way we eat, we’re on the 10-year (maybe 20-year) plan! Not only do I get easily overwhelmed in the kitchen (especially by conflicting advice), but my husband is also fairly picky. Add my busy schedule with working and homeschooling, and I am at peace with doing what I can do when I can do it rather than trying to “do it all” right from the start.

So we’re make tiny changes as we go, with a goal of eating real, whole foods for the most part, and I’ll share more about the specific changes we’ve made in the last year in next week’s Eat Well, Spend Less post!


If, like me, you’re interested in learning not just the how & what but also the why behind many real food changes, this post is for you. I’ve compiled a list with links to articles from all of my favorite sites to answer those questions:

1. Drink more water.

2. Read ingredient labels.

3. Avoid MSG.

4. Eliminate white sugar.

5. Use whole grain instead of white flour.

6. Eat more fruits and veggies.

7. Eat more eggs.

8. Grow an organic garden.

9. Can your own food.

10. Stop eating processed foods.

11. Eat seasonally.

12. Buy grass-fed, hormone-free meat & free-range chickens.

13. Buy from a local farmer.

14. Make your own pantry staples from scratch.

15. Avoid GMOs.

16. Use a meal plan to plan ahead.

17. Go on a sugar fast.

18. Choose healthy snacks.

19. Replace boxed cereal with healthier breakfasts.

20. Eat good fats.

21. Grind your own flour.

22. Choose organic food wisely.

23. Incorporate beans into your diet.

24. Avoid the microwave.

25. Drink kombucha or kefir.

26. Use sprouted grains.

27. Make homemade sourdough.

28. Make your favorite recipes healthier.

29. Eat for nourishment, not just for sustenance.

30. Eliminate food waste.

What real food changes have you made in your kitchen?