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5 Decorating Tips for Winter

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

source: Lisa Pennington

With Christmas behind us and the decorations put away, my house is looking forlorn.  It needs some attention.  Since I will be putting out the Valentines Day colors soon, I like to keep it simple.  Just a few cozy details here and there can make my home look nice for the transition.

Keeping with the winter theme, here are 5 easy ideas!

1. Evergreen isn’t just for Christmas.

source: BHG

Using evergreen is a beautiful way to bring the nature in during the cold, frosty days

2. Candles add warm lighting and a cozy feeling.

source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

No matter what the season, candle are a beautiful way to warm up a room.

3. Silver adds a nod to the cold weather.

source: Pottery Barn

I love a silver accent on a cold winter day.  Embrace the crispness.

4. Fur makes everything better.

source: Lisa Pennington

I’m not an animal print kind of girl, but even I like a fur throw or pillow to snuggle under on a wintry night.

5. Bring the winter inside.

source: Behind Closed Drawers

Just because there seems to be no life left doesn’t mean a plant has lost its usefulness.  Look around you and see what you can find to reclaim.  Spray painting dead branches white makes a beautiful winter ornament.

No matter what your style, adding a few winter touches to your home will make the cold season seem cozier.

How do you decorate for the winter?

Lisa winds through her little Texas farm house every night, tucking in her nine homeschooled children and turning off lights. Then she scans the rooms & makes a mental list of what she wants to rearrange, restore or paint. Her husband of 25 years hangs on for the ride while she blogs about it over at The Pennington Point.