5 Simple Chores for Kids to Complete Everyday

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist:


Hey look, I get it. Kids and chores don’t always play together very well. Some days, it can be a downright battle to get kids to complete their duties around the house. I have two young children myself (9 & 5), and I know firsthand that getting kids to do chores around the house is often times easier said than done. But it’s a battle worth fighting. It teaches kids proper work ethic, responsibility, time management, and the importance of family.

Around our house, we have “daily” chores for our kids and “weekly” chores. For some parents, it can be so difficult to get kids to complete any chores at home that the thought of requiring daily chores may sound like too much to ask. But we believe there are a number of benefits to having kids complete their chores on a daily basis:

      • Chores are more likely to become routine when they are completed on a daily basis.
      • Most household chores take far less time when they are completed daily rather than weekly.
      • Children learn that life requires daily maintenance.
      • Children get used to living in an organized environment… and are more likely to desire it.
      • Children learn responsibility and the importance of caring for things they own.
      • Children begin to recognize that “cleaning up” is the last step of any project.
      • Children begin to quickly appreciate you and your daily sacrifice as parents (just kidding… though I do hope that comes sometime down the road).

With that in mind, consider encouraging your kids to Complete these 5 Simple Chores Every Single Day. They aren’t big, fancy, new, or impressive. They are just typical household chores that require our daily attention. But the more often we encourage our kids to see them as such, the more likely they are to develop these life-improving habits.

1. Make the bed. No hospital bed corners required. Instead, just put the covers and pillows back in place… and get on with your day.

2. Put the clothes away. Coats and shoes in the closet. Pants, shirts and underwear in the dirty clothes pile. Nothing more, nothing less. And nothing laying on the floor.

3. Clear/Clean the dishes. I used to consider cleaning the kitchen as its own unique chore. But my mindset towards the task changed considerably when I began to view it as just the last step of eating a meal. Prepare, enjoy, clean. Hopefully, involving our children in the process makes them realize the same.

4. Tidy up the bathroom. Bathrooms can get so cluttered. Too many people with too many tools working in too small of a space. We’ve found a simple remedy: tidy up every time you leave. Hygiene products return to their home. And little messes/misses are wiped up before you leave.

5. Put the toys/crafts away. Every toy has a home and every toy should find its place back there at the end of the day. Granted, there are some extenuating circumstances that may impact the completion of this every day, but as a general rule: if you used it, return it.

You’ll notice that none of these chores take too much time or effort to complete if done right away. But that’s the point… most household chores don’t if we direct daily energy towards them.

What chores do you require of your kids on a daily/weekly basis? (Be sure to include your kids’ ages in your comment.)

Joshua Becker inspires and encourages others to live with less on his blog, Becoming Minimalist. He has also authored two e-books, Simplify and Inside-Out Simplicity. But more importantly, he loves his wife and two small children.