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7 Ways to Include Your Children in Holiday Decorating

The following post is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

7 Ways to Include Children in Holiday Decorating
source: Pennington Point

I’m the first to admit I can be a little obsessive about my decorating.  I like my home to be inviting and tidy, but I do have kids and I want them to feel invited too!  My home should reflect everyone that lives here.  So I do things to add a touch of “kid” to my home.

Here are 7 ways you can include your kids in the Christmas decorations!

1. Simple Artwork

source: Lisa Pennington

I let my 5 year old draw a picture of a Christmas tree and add it to our mantle of trees.  His tree is as important to me as the pretty Pottery Barn styles on the rest of the mantle.

2. Toys

source: Lisa Pennington

I use Legos, Playmobil, Barbie, whatever toys we’re into at the moment to our decor.  It makes the kids so happy.

3. Family Sayings

source: Lisa Pennington

Add family sayings or favorite verses to your holiday decorating.  The more personal you can make it, the more your kids will connect.  This pillow from my shop is my friend’s family saying.  You could also write them on a chalkboard or let the kids turn them into artwork and hang them in a fun frame.

4. Children’s Books

source: The Graceful Race

What’s better than a pile of children’s books to draw the whole family into the room?  It makes the kids feel like you want them there.

5. Advent Calendar

source: Lisa Pennington

The popular advent calendar is a classic way to bring the children into your decorating.  I love that moment every morning when my little ones rush to the advent calendar to see what’s behind the door for the day!

6. Touchable Decor

source: Lisa Pennington

Put some of the non-breakable decorations within reach and let the kids touch them.  I have this little village down low, and I let the kids move the houses around whenever they want.

7. Something Silly

source: Lisa Pennington

Relax.  Be fun.  Prove that your OCD doesn’t control your life….oh, is that just me?  Jars of marshmallows on my table make a snowy, wintery centerpiece, and my kids giggle every time they look at it.

There.  It’s not so hard to include the kids in your holiday decorating.  Besides, aren’t the children already the most beautiful things in your house?!

What are some ways you include your kids in the holiday decorations?

Lisa winds through her little Texas farm house every night, tucking in her nine homeschooled children and turning off lights. Then she scans the rooms & makes a mental list of what she wants to rearrange, restore or paint. Her husband of 26 years hangs on for the ride while she blogs about it over at The Pennington Point.