A Christmas Tour of My Home

I’m joining The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes today with some pictures from my home. Most of this is a repost from last year’s tour because we pretty much decorate the same way each year, and I’m not sure I can top the poem I wrote then!

So come on in and take a look…

Our Front Door

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through our home
The decorations were out for you to come roam.
The eight-year-old wreath is hung on the door with care,
And the clearance trees from Target keep it company there.

Our Foyer Table

The Nutcracker is standing guard by the door,
To welcome you in for this Christmas tour!
And me in my PJs, with coffee in a mug,
Ready as well to give you a welcoming hug.

Our Christmas Tree

The first thing you’ll see, as you make your way inside,
Is our grand Christmas tree, with the stairs at its side.
Each of the ornaments was carefully set,
But only the high ones remain in their spots yet!

Our Christmas Tree and Garland

Along the stairs we’ve wrapped garland and bows,
And as the cards come, they’ll be hung all in rows.
No presents have been wrapped and put under the tree
But it won’t be long now, just you wait and see.

Our Mantle & Nativity Scene

Across from the tree you’ll find our mantle and more
With the Willow Tree creche that I simply adore.
It’s taken many years to get the whole set
To do it without accumulating debt!

Stockings Hung on the Railing

The stockings have been hung on the railing with care.
Yes, it IS cable ties that hold them all there!
In the background you’ll see our very big clock,
Counting the minutes with a tick and a tock.

Modern Tree with Christmas Balls

This tree which was built by my amazing hubby
Usually holds wooden balls, all brown and nubby.
But this year we decided to spruce it up a bit.
Silver balls for the season are the perfect fit.

A Friendly Snowman on the Entertainment Center

Hidden around our home this way and that,
You’ll see special snowmen like this one in a hat.
He’s trying to hide among the vases, you see.
Just play along because it makes him happy, please.

Snowman Napkin Holder

And here in our kitchen is one of his friends,
A basket of sorts right where the counter ends.
He’s actually quite useful, yes, it’s true,
For he holds our napkins and our medicines too!

Hungry Snowman Cookie Jar

Last year’s addition are these cute little guys,
Bought by my husband, such a fun surprise!
The big one was made to hold cookies and treats,
But if you look inside, there aren’t any sweets.

A Hidden Santa Claus

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten St. Nick.
This is getting long now, so I have to be quick.
Here is one now, looking regal and fine,
Hidden right beside the sticks and the pines.

Santa and Baby Jesus

My favorite of all is Santa and the Babe!
Although some may scoff; “It’s heretical,” they say,
To me it represents the best of the season,
The fun of it all and the most important reason!