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A quick update on Jackson…

A quick update...and a toddler fracture

Thank you so much for all of your comments, messages, prayers and well wishes.

For those of you who were waiting to see what the doctor said (and don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook), here’s the gist…

The doctor did a thorough physical exam and then watched Jack walk for a bit (while holding Sean’s hands because he still isn’t walking independently for more than a step or two).

She said the way turns out his left foot and hobbles along is very typical for a toddler’s fracture (basically a spiral fracture of the tibia). She also said that she typically tells parents that their child should start to walk around day 10 (yesterday for us) with that type of break.

Because he’s already had 3 X-rays and a firm diagnosis doesn’t change his treatment (which is basically still wait and see), we opted not to do another X-ray of his lower leg to confirm her diagnosis, but we were very comfortable with everything she said. At this point we don’t think falling will lead to further injury. That was one of my biggest concerns when he started taking steps because he fell and started crying and holding his leg again several times over the weekend, so I’m glad to know we can just follow his lead.

As long as he continues to make forward progress, there’s no need for any follow up.

Answers are good, even if we don’t need to do anything with those answers, so I’m feeling much better about it!

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